Divorce Just keeps Getting Worse

“Happy wife happy life” Fuck that bullshit. Buy yourself a reasonable house in the $150k range before you get married and stay there. You meet a woman who doesnt like your house and wants to live in a $350k house, don’t marry her ass or if she wants to move later on, tell her “NO.”

Stop pissing your money away on $35k+ vehicles on $400+/mo payments. You realistically should be buying $10k used vehicles and paying cash for them. If you are a capable man you should have basic tools to be able to fix your car. If you don’t have tools or are not mechanically capable, keep $1500/yr in an envelope in your safe to pay a professional mechanic for any issues that arise. You meet a woman that insists on driving a $35k+ vehicle, DON’T MARRY HER ASS! If your wife insists on driving a new $35k+ vehicle and wants you to pay $400+/month for it, tell her “NO.”

Wife: I want this new $35k+ vehicle. The payments are only $450/month, it’s a really good deal!

You: No, I just found this nice gently used vehicle that I am comfortable paying cash for. I have a garage full of tools to fix it whenever the need arises. If I can’t fix it, I have the cash on hand to pay my local mechanic to fix it for me.



Ridiculous expenses: you don’t need premium cable in every room in the house. If anything, have basic cable in two rooms of the house, the master bedroom and whatever living room/gameroom you have. You meet a woman that wants premium cable in every room of your house, DON’T MARRY HER ASS! Your wife decides that she wants to upgrade the cable package and put cable in every room of your house tell her “NO”

Wife: we need to upgrade the cable package and put cable in all the bedrooms, the bill is only $250/month

You: No, we don’t need premium cable with 500 channels and sorry babe, but the kids aren’t getting cable TV in their bedrooms.


$150K for a house, $35K for a new car and premium cable TV in multiple rooms…lol. Bruh, how old are you? Wait a second…dad? Is that you?


Lol sad but true. I am hoping I’m not going to get shafted but I’m lining up to get ready for Lex Steele.

Speaking for myself, I live in a house that is paid for and I own free and clear. I have never financed a car, in fact I’m driving a vehicle that I paid less than $10k for and I paid cash. My wife drives a vehicle that I paid cash for. I don’t have credit cards and the only debt that I carry is student loans that I will have paid off and I will be completely debt free in my early 40s.

Good for you.
I’m in my early 40s, debt free, paid cash for my current house and car. I highly recommend it. I just got a laugh from your boomer-minded prices.

And premium cable TV :joy:


How about dump cable

Fistbump to Homelander for handling business!

I don’t want to get sidetracked but the point is that we as men need to get our act together. Our own stupidity causes this.

The whole point of “Happy wife happy life” being bullshit is that chances are that men live in a house that their wife picked out, in the neighborhood that their wife wants to live in. The man is sitting on furniture that the wife most likely picked out and has premium cable in every room of the house not to mention every streaming service known to humanity. The households usually have two vehicles that are financed and have average payments of $560/mo. ( per Lending tree) and mountains of credit card debt and student loan debt for a liberal arts degree that in many cases turned out to be worthless to them.

All of this essentially turns that man into a debt slave as he works himself to death and puts himself at the mercy of the family court system when his wife decides that “I’m not happy” when he is ordered to vacate his home and ordered to pay outrageous alimony and child support to keep the wife in the “lifestyle that she has been accustomed to”


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I havent had cable in nearly 8 years. Dont miss it a bit

Granted we subscribe to a bunch of streaming services but that’s actually stuff that we watch. 95% of cable is garbage that we never watched anyway

Little dick logic right here

Be proud to marry a gas station attendant so your Waffle House Salary can pay the bills!

Going back to the “no cohabitation” and “proper precautions” post…

Men will co-habitate and have sex with women that have been run through more times than the Holland Tunnel. Then men bitch and cry when they are stuck paying out half their income for a significant portion of their adult lives in child support.

Men can do a lot to help themselves if they would just use some damn sense.

Yeah but don’t forget he’s also had lots of anal sex and she maybe even rimmed his butthole. If she put in the wurx…

Absolutely bro, yeah he offered her the money and she insta bit.

What sucks is all the manipulations going on at the moment now that she has realized she will burn through 100k by this time next year at the rate she is going. I mean she is already 40k in the hole and she only gets that check around Black Friday lol

I told him straight up almost a year ago that if he wanted to keep her interested he had to get in shape and get busy, lol he didn’t and she started the divorce process , then I told him if he still wanted to hail mary this shit he had to turn into an asshole that chicks love assholes, instead he bought her a 2k puppy … then I told him (last week) to cut ties and of course when hetried they ended up having the intercourse and now well he is at his lowest point :frowning:

If she burns thruogh the money in record time she wants to have an out to get back together and so far she is accomplishing this.

Hey kid- what are you doing Halloween weekend? You wanna go to Medellin with me? I’ll fly you in. Forget about the wife for a minute. What about you and YOUR NEEDS? It just so happens I know where to find the hottest women per capita you’ll ever see- and speak spanish. Wanna forget about the wife? Want to see your TRUE MARKET VALUE? One trip, you’ll be a believer.

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At a time when members are dropping like flies, i’m having a hard time finding this funny. This dude is in pain and this is the dumb shit you have to say to him?

Holy insecurities Batman :slight_smile:

Are you ok?

Click on his full post dude, he is talking about his wife’s dad not himself.

Also no need to bring Pretjah’s death into this. We are just chatting about divorce, really bushleague of you even though this is your trolling account.

Has to be a pretty small number. Every woman I’ve ever talked to about the likes of Dr Dre having to pay his ex 300k a month, or any other of the many examples of women taking credit for their husbands financial success because they were in a relationship with them, all feel like they would be owed that much just for being emotionally supportive. They like to use lines like “Well how do you know she wasnt working two jobs to support him?” to justify it.

If you’re married, keep a separate account, bury cash in the woods, anything. You’ll need it when you get divorced.

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You just ruined meatloaf for me you son of a bitch

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