Divorce Law Reform For Men

I will make a life mission of mine to make sure men are no longer discriminated against in divorce court. Still working thru it but within this year I will be up and running. No future male should endure this sexist institution and I will make sure of that. Stay tuned!!! Please let me know if you are on board- best!!


Men should stop being beta faggots and stop getting married in the first place.


Ok that’s one approach but not all of us are as smart as you and need help

I’m onboard. What do you need me to do?

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I wish you luck…it’s an uphill battle for sure. I agree not getting married is the best choice for most men these days, problem is you can’t convince them of that until they’ve been fucking crushed in a divorce.

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Nothing yet but to follow - this true to my heart stay tuned

Of course getting married makes zero sense for 99% of men today. But that is why we need to reform the stupid laws. As feminism has corrupted women, social media have finished the job. They have zero accountability and zero peer pressure to behave like ladies, and are financially rewarded for divorces.

But even if the laws became just and fair, the lack of ethics, morals and mostly, accountability of modern women are here to stay. So… I really do wish you good success on your endeavor, but parts of me wonders if it’s worth it. At least not being rewarded for their shit would indeed be a good start!

First post nails it again.


Good luck and kudos to you for trying to fight the good fight.
If you proceed forward, be prepared to be told how much of a sexist & misogynist you are. Probably a racist, xenophobe, nazi & fascist, too.

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I get it and ready

Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more and happy to say that I haven’t got remarried and don’t plan to. Learned lesson the first time


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Thank you sir