Divorce or Not

Let me rephrase that. I pick her up down the block. It’s been a douchey thing already (totally not in my character, people think I’m square). I am not so much of a jerk to rub it in. Her ex is super in a crazy mind phrame right now. He put a keylogger on the house computer, blocked her Mac address of a laptop I bought for her. This is all after she broke up with him. It’s chaos, it will be chaos. Fortunately, my side everything is mellowing down. Her side, he’s still a controlling prick. She is trying to get a job though before she is able to move out. It’s an f’d up situation in all areas but I’m gonna do my best to make things better than what they were.

Not so much of a jerk to rub it in? Wow… dude you fucked his wife while they were married, played a massive part in his wife leaving him and now you’re dating (assuming for the last four months) his “wife” who he still has to pay for everything for as she doesn’t have a job. Probably makes him stay at home and watch the kids while she’s out with you. At this point you’ve rubbed it in as much as possible while safely never having to come face to face.

You do you op but acting like you’re the good guy this whole time is ridiculous. Your wife got fat and you got bored so you cheated. Turned out that you found someone who can interest you for now at least. Own your shit and stop acting like this is everyone else’s fault.


Plus you know his wife is LOVING her new BBC

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You’re fucked up in the head with the way you.spelled Phrame.

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Yeah this is much better, for your safety and honestly her kids.

Those kids still have to grow up and look, interact with their father. No need to kick a man when he is already down so much.

What is the plan for them two? Like … if he is still in the house are they technically working on fixing their marriage? Without a job unfortunately she is tied to him long term.

How did you meet her again? Like she likes going out and shit with her allowance or something along those lines?

Well, your wife is divorcing you and she got a new boyfriend so that was to be expected.

What happens next? who moves out of the house you guys are living in? Financially does she take half your stuff?

That guy is going to get really screwed in the divorce. Wife doesn’t work so she’ll get the kids and he’ll be paying child support, alimony. He’ll be seeing his kids every other weekend. So yeah don’t kick him while he’s down…


this guy i the reason she is leaving… ( well she is )

so Jitsu should support her or she should support herself

but you know the ex husband is getting the shaft and will be the one paying ( the guy who got cheated on … what a system )


Fortunately I have a high paying job. She is staying in the house and I’m paying the house and will keep my portion of equity if ever sold. I’m living down the street in a 3 bedroom apartment, walking distance. Kids decide where they want to stay which is nice. And my ex and I are now able to take time for ourselves too.

Why are you paying for her to bang her BBC in your bed?

is this the Twilight Zone?

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I was in this same situation. Did her a solid, let her stay in the house with the kids, paid more than i had to. It was never enough. I finally went to court a couple years ago and made everything fair and even. Everything is by the book and documented now. There is no middle ground. My lawyer said i would see a side of her that i never thought existed and he was right

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Lets not judge that, some OGers like that stuff

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Didn’t read but you wanted a best friend, partner and got an OG’er.
Grow some hair.

Op gonna be broke and miserable by 50 at this rate.

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