dizzy spells?

hey guys, just kinda looking for any sort of help. about 6 months ago i started getting these dizzy spells. they were kind of accompanied by a strange deja-vu type feeling or a feeling of being seperated from myself. they would only last about 10-15 seconds and then go away. id get about 2 a day for a couple days and then theyd stop, only to come back again a couple months later. ive seen a couple neurologists and had mri's and they all came out ok so i was just curious if anyone else has had any sort of similar symptoms and if so, what caused it? my last pro fight was almost a year ago and i didnt experience any severe head trauma in that. my training had been fairly normal and if anything was more oriented on jiu-jitsu and not striking. any info at all would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

 Funny thing.....

My sister just experienced the same thing for six months as well.  It was actually caused by a virus deep in her inner ear.  She had no colds or existing conditions that would cause her to think it was an ear infection.  She was perscribed strong antibiotics and hasn't had any issues in a few weeks. 

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wow, i never thought of that. i got my ear drum busted in a boxing match once and it played havoc with my balance for a bit. i just never thought of it because of the lack of symptoms. if you dont mind me asking, how did they discover thats what it was? any more info you could give would be great. thanks.

what are your health conditions? High BP, sugar etc, do you drink a lot? do you use drugs? A lot more info is needed.

To be honest with you, it sounds like anxiety/stress maybe ptsd, something along those lines.

I had something similar. If I moved my head rapidly I'd get really bad dizzy spells that lasted about 10 seconds. The doc said it was probably a virus and would go away after a week, which it did.

If it is reoccurring, it may be the same virus that isn't clearing up completely.

thanks for the info guys. i know a lot more info is needed for any kind of real diagnosis. i just was curious if anyone had had anything similar. just for general purposes. i dont drink, never done drugs. at my last physical my b/p, blood sugar etc. was all normal. im generally a healthy individual (i do like my double cheeseburgers now and then :) anxiety is def a possibility as im not the biggest fan of my job right now and thats causing some stress. thanks again for the info fellas. its appreciated.