70 baby

16days 5 hrs...lol

damn thats a lot of time to play a game..haha

mailed my self a screenshot this morning, but apparently my work thinks is junk mail cuz i dont have it..doh

now i get to rep grind, farm and spam flash of light

had a 20 war before i started this one that i started on the demo, that made me buy the game..haha

this is the first one i put effort into

he's gonna do arena with me =)

lol@sweaty fat men


Me and roath were talking yesterday, how about a 3v3 instead?

its fine with me

we could have both, since you already have the 2v2 team paid for..

im still grinding for my flying mount, so i have no extra $$$ for a charter at the moment...

so come home AB, we can have a 5v5

yeah wtf is up with varlokkur

no way someone buys that shit for $$$ and then never plays it or tranfers it

still sitting on frostwolf...

we get more points on a 5v5 team....