DJ: Don't blame me for Triple C

Inaugural flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson lost his title to Henry Cejudo via Split Decision at UFC 227 on August 4, 2018, and was traded to ONE Championship for Ben Askren. Cejudo evolved his Cringe character, and eventually moved up to bantamweight to take the title there and then MMA retired. However, Cejudo's influence was such that the 125 division, who the UFC had appeared to be in the process of winding down, received a new lease. And with new champ Deivison Figueredo thrilling fans, flyweight is back for good.

And Cejudo's cringe schtick continues unabated. During a recent interview with Lucas Grandsire for MyMMANews, Johnson was asked if he takes responsibility for the cringe character.

"No, I didn’t tell him to do that," replied Johnson. "What’s that supposed to mean? How is that my fault? That’s like me saying it’s my fault that…I didn’t do anything. That’s like saying I spawned that cringe."

"No, that’s the people’s fault. You would not want to buy the man’s pay-per-views so he could make some more money, so now he has to make an ass of himself to get that out."

Cejudo, who gleefully stirs every pot on the social network, naturally replied.

"I took the opportunity with the flyweight division's head on the chopping block to doing whatever it takes to save it," he tweeted. "And I did! Some things are just bigger than us. Thanks again, @mighty, we did it together, precious. P.S. Cringe is the new cool."

What do you think UG? Whose is responsible for the King of Cringe, himself, or is us?

And for the record, @Mighty is not the Twitter account for Demetrious, whose twitter is @MightyMouse. @Mighty is a small software company that empowers personal injury lien and LOP holders to effectively manage and track their receivables.

h/t Santino Honasan for SportsKeeda

Uhhhh aren’t we about a year late on this story????

Just to keep it out there, CCC’s title win over DJ was very debatable. I think CCC did in facts keep the div alive with both his wins and antics but that fight could have gone either way.

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Cejudo’s win over DJ was blatant fuckery.

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Silly he even had to address that.

We should thank him for CCC if anything.

I find DJs authentic personality more cringe than the goofy CCC character