DJing for 21 Year Old Girls Party... Need Help

Hello OG DJ's. I know a bunch of you DJ. I DJ occasionally just for fun for family and what not. I am doing a party for a 21 year old niece. It's just for fun, no money or anything like that. Family affair. I need your recommendations for good songs to play at a party where the majority of the people there will be 19-23.

I have several folders already set up with matching BPM/matching genre sets such as:

  1. 90's Uptempo Rap Anthems: Scenario (tribe), The Choice is Yours (black sheep), Jump (kriss kross), etc.
  2. 90's Dancy Rap: Summertime (fresh prince), Nuthin but a G Thang (snoop/dre), Ain't No Fun (dre)
  3. House/Dance (2012 to 2015): Sweet Nothings (Calvin harris), Clarity (Zedd), Summertime Sadness, Avicii stuff, etc. etc.
  4. Annoying Club/Dance (2012 to 2015): Timber, Gagnam Style, LMFAO Shots, Annoying club songs, etc.
  5. 80's Electro/Dance: Take a Chance (Nuance), Funky Little Beat (Connie), etc.
  6. Random Floor Fillers: Apache (Sugar Hill Gang), YMCA, Tonight (Black Eyed Peas) crap like that.
  7. 2015 Fluff: Love Me Harder (Ariana Grande), Shake it Off (Taylor Swift), Etc.
Are there any must have songs that kids are listening to that are upbeat? I don't know any of the new acts like Childish Gambino, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, etc. So I don't know what's hot right now as far as the last 2 years goes.
Are there any Summer party anthems that came out this year?
Are there any songs that aren't well known but are upbeat and will get people dancing?


I dint see
trap queen- fetty wap
Slow motion- juvenile Phone Post 3.0

Peaches - fuck the pain away. Phone Post 3.0

basically any song that encourages them to act like sluts

Granpa - 

I can definitely post pics tomorrow. The party is tomorrow evening. I'll take pics and post them here real time.

Where the fuck is the chicken dance, achy breaky heart, who let the dogs out, macarena, Etc?

Can I chaperone?

FloppyBBC Divac - Where the fuck is the chicken dance, achy breaky heart, who let the dogs out, macarena, Etc?
And footloose? Phone Post 3.0


Just get on the mic and start tossing out "Rich White Fucker" scenarios. Phone Post 3.0

In for real time pics Phone Post 3.0


Last 2 albums say it loud and rebel era.

Some super sweet electro funk that is guts trees to keep the mood happy and the people moving

Play the albums free on soundcloud. Just search for Griz and you will find it. I'm telling you man this is what they need Phone Post 3.0

  1. Bring ecstasy.
    2. Hand out said ecstasy to nieces friends.
    3. ???
    4. Profit Phone Post 3.0

PUBLICnoose - I dint see
trap queen- fetty wap
Slow motion- juvenile Phone Post 3.0
I like it like that she workin that back don't know how to act. Phone Post 3.0

It really really matters what she & her closest friends are into. They might be country line dancers for all we know.

Seems really unlikely they're gonna know or care about 90s rap like Tribe & Blacksheep, & more unlikely that they'll be into cheeze like Kris Kross or Hammer unless you're boozing them up. They're at an age where pretending to be cool is wicked important. They may even reject Taylor Swift who they love love love just so they don't look square.

Play to your audience. Ask her ahead of time, or better yet find out where she & her friends are hanging out & figure out what the set list is there.

Just throw in Roger & Zapp, George Clinton, Rob Base, and Stevie B. Phone Post 3.0

In for pics. Phone Post 3.0

Just play mariachi music all night. Phone Post 3.0