DMX OD's & on death bed

Love X. Even if you’re not a fan. That fella is one of a kind. Totally original sound. That whole “one dude against the world” vibe. Saw him on the Hard Knock Life tour. Just him alone on stage, not 50 of his buddies.

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Wish best for him. Great hip hop star.

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His first couple of albums were fucking great.

Too bad he’s a crackhead.

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(Laughing at a post not DMX condition) - this UI blows ass

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  • father of fifteen children from several women. On June 26, 2015, he was arrested for committing a robbery in Newark and $400,000 of outstanding child support that he failed to pay to his ex-wife Tashera Simmons. In July, he was sentenced to spend six months in jail for those charges

-account of weapon possession charges. The same year, he was charged with animal cruelty

-Between 2000 and 2001, he served time for possession of marijuana, driving without a license, and assault for throwing objects at prison guards.

-pleaded guilty to thirteen counts of animal cruelty, two counts of maintaining a nuisance, and one count each of disorderly conduct and possession of drugs

-arrested for cocaine possession, criminal impersonation, possession of a weapon, criminal mischief, menacing, and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He claimed to be a federal agent to carjack a vehicle.

-pleaded guilty to charges of drug possession, theft, and animal cruelty, and spent ninety days behind bars.

-entered a plea agreement for attempted aggravated assault. The following year, he served four months for violating probation

-uly 27, 2010, he turned himself into the Los Angeles Metropolitan Court for reckless driving he committed in 2002. After he served another ninety days in prison, it didn’t take him long to get arrested again for violating probation due to alcohol consumption

  • sent to prison in 1986 for stealing a dog from a junkyard

-escaped a juvenile correctional facility in New York

-prison again for carjacking, and after he extorted another inmate, they moved him to a higher security prison from which he was released in the summer of 1988.

My guess, is people feeling sorry for DMX, do not express that same empathy for lifetime criminal George Floyd.

If that assumption is correct which I think it is, then the follow up question is, how good of a song or songs would George Floyd would have had to have made in order to garner the same amount of sympathy?

I do not really feel sorry for people who continue to do bad crimes well into their adult life, repeatidly .

George Floyd

-aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon

-fathered 3 kids, never any issues with child support

-was arrested for using counterfeit money, but never convicted(we know why)

George Floyd at one time was an aspiring rapper.

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x is coming for you

He wanted to kick Seagalls ass so he can’t be that bad

Y’all know my ass you can’t save, up in here, up in here

Y’all can’t even detect a brainwave, up in here, up in here

It’s dark and Hell is Hot is the only rap album I have ever bought.

I hope he pulls through. But man he’s too old to be doing hard drugs.

One of the few rappers who’s excellent live.


From the cradle to the grave.


Uh, where my angels at, what!?

I give zero fucks about Xs criminal record. No one, including himself ever compared him or painted him as a saint lol. I’m a fan of him as a rapper… Not as an example of how to live my life.

He never held pregnant women at gun point either like a certain other someone either lol.


I envy that attribute. The ability to separate piece of shit personalities and actions and just focus on the sport/entertainment aspect.

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“X gonna give it to ya”…unless it’s Child Support.


Speaking from experience? I imagine just after “Where my Dogs At” was probably the best time to see him live.

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Death certificate will say covid 19 related death.

“First you smoke some …rock…then you dig a…hole…I’m about to…OD…OH LET IT GO!!”


His verse on niggaz done started something is probably the hardest shit ever written.