DMX OD's & on death bed

Dude had a horrible childhood. Introduced to crack at 14 and somehow became ultra successful.
Had demons. Was pretty open about them. Everyone has a story to tell.


grossed out comedy central GIF by Workaholics

Complications from the covid vax

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His life certainly influenced a lot of people. Respect and RIP.

Well, he’s not on death’s door anymore.

Good night, sweet prince.


What does Steven Segal think about this?

Has he released a statement?

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Meet me graveside, meet me graveside

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Arf, where’s my life at! What!?

It’s Dark. And Hell is Hot.

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Guy was a great fucking rapper and I will be playing some of his stuff at the gym tonight.

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I was a troubled 17-year-old when he came out and his music was a big inspiration for me.

I bought It’s Dark and Hell is Hot on day 1 and have never stopped listening to it periodically through the years.

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‘I taught DMX that move’

-Steven Seagal


OD’d my ass. Dude got the experimental DNA shot a few days ago and dies today. The MSM drags him through the mud claiming it was due to a “drug overdose”. He was only 50, they couldn’t just ignore it like they did with Hagler or Hank Aaron. Disgusting sons of bitches.


RIP :frowning:

His family says he’s not in drugs and he got a rona shot a week ago…

I missed the Mr Smiff one liners…welcome back

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Ain’t no suuuuuunshiiiiine

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