DNC connected to Scallia death -wiki leaks




as per the latest round of hacked emails. 

i read a bit on this and isnt the terminology vague?

InfoWars, huh? lol

This is what the right did from 1992 to 2001.

The daily Clinton murder conspiracy....

You would think that they would learn that they can't win the Presidency with this loony unhinged horseshit.

Two decades later and they do it all over again.


Infowars lol. Come on, guy. Phone Post 3.0

Lol Phone Post 3.0

Even considering the Clinton's past for killing people this is hard to believe considering the only evidence is a vague email. 

BigEyedFish - 

i read a bit on this and isnt the terminology vague?

Why do you care about the actual content? Nobody does that anymore. The trendy and cool thing to do is to attack the messenger, invert reality, and pretend corporate media and only corporate media is credible. If that doesn't work just blame Russia. Look at the other posts to see how it's done. They are so hip and informed.

Well if you were going to because you didn't expect the email to leak, you certainly would use cryptic language just in case.

Honestly though I don't like the infowars site. They are far too sloppy with their stories and it does push people away unfortunately. I like the show for the guests and the entertainment value, but the site is mediocre. I'm more of a zerohedge guy.

Do they have the documents?

Wouldn't surprise me but we will never truly know.

Do they have the documents? Phone Post 3.0


Ido Porno - Surprised this wasn't a TrayvonBJJ thread
I see what you did there. Lol

#DoubleBurn Phone Post 3.0

attjack - InfoWars, huh? lol
What exactly do you have against "FOR PROFIT FEAR MONGERING" kind sir? Everyone deserves an Israeli beach house. Phone Post 3.0

Maldini2706 - BLACK HELLYCOPTERZZZZZZ! Phone Post 3.0
Great tune. Phone Post 3.0

FEMA DEATH CAMPS!!!! Phone Post 3.0

If conservative posters and bernien supporters claimed a bias in the DNC primary would you have believed it without the email leak? Phone Post 3.0