Do adults really eat pizza rolls?

Is this really a thing for adult men?


I wouldn’t even feed this nonsense to my little nephews. Why eat it as an adult?

Tread carefully OP


It’s been years since I’ve had them but they’re ok in a pinch. Pizza bagels are better but haven’t had them in years either.

Only drunk

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Why even have them?

If you say, “Hey honey lets have some pizza rolls and watch UFC!” she is going to scroll through her IG account and wish she was with someone else who acts like an adult.

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From time to time.

Either Amy’s or Fresh Thyme. I’m above Totino’s

Pizza roll elitist?

More for me!

I ate some Hot pockets with meatballs the other day. Not bad, I cooked em in the oven.

pizza rolls GIF


Is everything ok?


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No, my life is in ruins. I smoked a totinos pizza the other night with my last bundle of firewood. Was an amazing feast when paired with tobasco sauce

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I don’t know what it is about totinos but I hate those god damned things

I would say grown men shouldn’t eat like children, but children shouldn’t be fed this nonsense either. They should be eating nutritious meals that feed their developing bodies and brains.

Men shouldn’t eat this shit out of self respect.

Who would take someone who eats pizza rolls as a serious person?

It is not just pizza rolls, it is all children’s type foods. I imagine these guys take a woman to Dave and Busters for a date then expected them to go dutch.

We got “men” walking around with blue hair in polyamorous relationships or cutting their dicks off and using the little girl’s room, I think pizza rolls are the least of our worries.


Correct. If I’m eating shit it needs to be of higher quality

I made some homemade pizza bagels the other day that were delicious. I can’t remember what the frozen ones taste like. Are they any good?

Not really but I can’t remember the last time I had em. The wife feeds me well, a little too well.

Pizza rolls make me feel sick to my stomach so I haven’t eaten them since I was a teenager. Plus you are guaranteed to get 3rd degree burns in your mouth.