Do any BJJ/Muay Thai companies make underwear?

I need a new pair of athletic underwear. I’ve had the same 4 revolving pairs of Under Armour that are going strong after 11 years but one pair is starting to show some wear. I want to support a martial arts company if possible and more specifically, a BJJ or Muay Thai company. Origin sells underwear but they are $48 fucking dollars a pair. Before I bought them, I wanted to see what you guys are wearing (pics obv) and see what companies make them.


We’re supposed to wear underwear when we train??

Well, for the walk through the parking lot at least.

Any-brand generic sport boxers have always done the trick for me…

Under Armour has performed incredibly well. Zero complaints. Having said that, I’d like to spend some money with companies that support the martial arts I train.

Try RVCA. I like them.

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I like Jockey

I’ve worn some by clinch gear under my gi/board shorts for like 8 years or so. I don’t know if they still make them but they are great. They used to have them on bjjhq but I haven’t seen them in a long time. All they have now are the really shitty blinged out rash guards and gis for white belts.

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This reply cracked me the fuck up.

But yeah, not really finding any underwear from these companies. I bought a pair of Huyabusa compression shorts thinking they may function like underwear but they are super thick and likely meant to be worn by themselves. I really am not looking for anything fancy. I like the Under Armour Heat Gear underwear but would rather spend with a martial arts company if I could. Apparently martial arts companies make all sorts of shit, but not underwear.

I may try these. Horrendous website, but I’ll try to buy a pair. Thanks bro!

I personally just buy a multipack of whatever athletic briefs on Amazon. I definitely don’t wait 11 years to swap them out though…. :rofl:

The Under Armour heat gear or whatever they call them are still pristine after 11 years. My daily wear underwear are constantly swapped, and is an impressive collection. But the Under Armour have withstood the test of time.

Crisis averted guys…Chris saved the day!