Do any of you hate the beach?

Agreed, the beach is my favorite place to be.


Inelegant Discourse, where were those photos taken? Pretty spot.

I kinda hate it. More like I hate the excessive heat and hate sitting around doing nothing. Its just not my personality.

Give me a canadian shield lake and a fishing boat any time


My problem is with the sun moreso than the beach.


There’s nothing enjoyable about a public beach where eveyrone is cramming in to get a postage stamp of space for their towel.

Guess it depends on your definition of “beach”

Is it a private beach?


Oh shit, I knew you were Munk, the signature tipped me off. It’s just been so long I forgot.

Yeah I’m a fan of going to the beach when it’s like 23-26 out. Hate it when people wanna go when it’s 35 lol. No idea what those are in Fahrenheit sorry.

I’d rather drink turpentine and piss on a brush fire than spend 5 minutes in a place like this:


Im neither Liberian nor American so Im good with Celsius :slight_smile:

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He also does the “Hope this helps” at the end of posts and likes the Jason Momoa conan.

My guess was it’s Orcus.


I hate the beach.

Love looking at the ocean, the beach and hearing the waves crash… But fucking hate walking in the sand and getting that shit all over myself.

Its a big debate with the wife regarding a new winter home. She loves the beach and I would prefer a home on the intercoastal.


Nobody’s perfect. :confused:

California Central Coast.

Private beach with armed security.

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I like the beaches on St John that are off the beaten trail and you have to hike a bit to get to. Beautiful spot when it’s not ruined by other people

Keeps the fatties and the cruise ship land-whales away


I like the beach for about 2 days…after that it’s pretty boring.

That is why I prefer Costa Rica…you can go to some nice beaches surrounded by wildlife and scenery and then go raft a river or go to a volcano the next day. I prefer variety.


lol That’s a good way of putting it. Me too.

The next question is…who actually uses the gross charcoal grills that exist at almost every public beach?
I need a tetanus shot just looking at them


Yeah, I love being near the ocean and in charming old towns that are built on the ocean. Old fishing towns, old boatmaking towns, etc. I like seafood. I like the sound of the seagulls. I like the smell. The sound of the ocean. Unlike you, I like walking on the beach if it’s quiet enough but my feet are the only place on my body where I don’t mind having sand.



I need to do something on the beach, quick swim, walk whatever, but the crowd that just lies there and sun…… I lose my mind in 5 minutes. So in short, not much of a beach person.

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