Do any of you hate the beach?

The only beach I ever liked was at Lanikai.

Not the main section of Kailua Beach Park. Too many people there. There’s a slight bend that’s more private right down the road from Kaneapu. Woke up every morning to that view. Gorgeous shit.

I think it’s still technically Kailua at that point.


I’ll take lake over beach but I’ll take going to the beach any day


I like saltwater fishing better than fresh. Thats the main reason I go near water. There must be a purpose not just lounging. I can do that by building a sandbox and sitting in my front yard.

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Yeah that looks really nice.

The reason is to get drunk and relax.

This place is actually “Cataract Canyon” on the Colorado River out of Moab, Utah…

check out Western River Expeditions…they have some awesome rafting and camping trips.

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Cool, thats why you do it.

I get drunk and relax whenever/wherever. Shakira style

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This is probably the root of my beach hatred

Fuck sitting in a chair on the beach, sweating and covered in sand, reading a book or whatever.

It’s fucking dumb and my MIL’s favorite thing

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Depends on the situation.

Sometimes people want to go and just sit there and not even go in the ocean.

Its hot, sandy, you have apply sunscreen constantly etc.

I do like to go swim, boogy board. jet ski that type of thing. More of an activities approach.

The best place to read a book is at home in the AC in a comfy bed or chair.

If you want to fish, swim, boat, jet ski etc, lets head out.


Exactly. Its a very mother in law thing to do.

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I take more issue bbq’in in sand. I’ll fuck with the hotel/condo’s bbq(fire and onion kills everything) but sandy burgers can suck a dick.


I don’t know. They both have their merits. A nice lake is great though.

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I do not enjoy the beach, most of the time. But I am prone to sunburn and have already had a minor skin cancer removed. I HATE the feeling of being covered in grease (i.e. sunscreen lotion), especially when sand is involved.

I also dislike being in crowds, but worse is being at the beach by yourselves as once you go out into the water, at least here, someone is likely to steal your shit, and all you can do is watch them as you’re bobbing in the water.

When I go to the beach, I prefer to drive 90 miles across the state to Naples rather than 20 miles to Fort Lauderdale. There is just a much better class of people in Naples. Especially at Clam Pass park, or on Marco Island.



@TheBearStare was yet a cub when he produced this. The salmon were picked over and he needed to make ends meet. Pretty low bringing this up.

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Yes. I hate the beach. Too unsafe.

Hate laying out anywhere, beach, lake, pool, etc, it’s boring and too damn hot. I prefer swimming in a pool or riding some good waves on the ocean.

Florida has a lot of sharks in shallow water so that kind of changes the fun factor.

I am a OBX fan for life. Have been going every summer since i was 5. Not a huge beach fan otherwise. The ability to drive out on the beach pick a place far away from other people. Set up a quick pop up tent. Throw some poles in the water. Kick back in the shade with a beer and my kids is one thing i look forward to every Summer.

Cant stand really going to any other beach. Drive in traffic. Look for a parking space. Drag your shit over a dune. Deal with people AND their asshole kids. Clean off in the shower house in what amounts to a peeping toms wet dream. Drive home sun burnt and pissed off because now yoir kids are being the assholes. Ill pass no thank you


If i had to deal with that i probably wouldnt like the beach much either. Thankfully i live in a place thats not very populated and lots of privacy. I go for a walk by the boardwalk every other day. I don’t think i’d want to live somewhere that isn’t a 30min or less drive from the beach