Do any of you hate the beach?

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Same. When I do go to the beach, I spend 90% of the time in the water or doing other things.

One of the best “beach” days I ever had was a rainy day in the Keys. Took the kids down and found a roadside park with a beach. No one else was there. We all had rain gear so walking around, exploring the shallows was fun. We set up in a pavilion and had lunch in the rain. The kids had a blast finding all kinds of sea critters that are normally not out when the beach is full of people.

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Little pakalolo and it’s very relaxing.

me and mrs sp went to that beach last year, and it’s gotta be the most beautiful beach i’ve ever been to

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I can’t read this whole thread, but yeah, there’s a multitude of places I’d rather be than the beach and I live not five miles from it.

It’s hot, it’s crowded, sand gets in my ears and ass, everything around the beach is expensive, and I usually feel like I’ve been sedated after a few hours in the wind and sun. I never understood how people could just spend every available day during the summer at the beach. There’s far more fun or productive uses of one’s time. Maybe it would be different on the west coast but to me the Atlantic coast always seems like a dirty place.

The only time I ever enjoyed being at the beach as an adult was in the Bahamas. Crystal clear water, white sand, no throngs of fat or trashy people.

Still though, give me a lake or the mountains any day.

There’s this little steakhouse type place right up the way. On the road right in front of Kailua Beach Park that goes over the canal by the kayaks and such. Great food.

But yeah, that whole little area is gorgeous.

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I love the beach because I love bitches.
If ya dont like the beaches den breddren, ya dont like da bitches.


the west coast of Florida is filled with awesome beaches

im pretty sure the nicest beach I’ve been to, including overseas, is Siesta Key

The beach is THE MOST overrated thing there is. Why people want to get sand in every crevice of their body while swimming in whale semen and fish shit is beyond me. The sun is amazing, but I have zero interest in the beach, sand, and bathing in the literal cistern that is the ocean.

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i think moving salt water is “less gross” than swimming in a muddy, weedy, algae filled lake or river

plus you are surrounded by girls in their underwear the entire day

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i can NOT just lie on a chair at the beach
i am always in the water swimming or paddling, fishing, etc. or playing some gay beach ball/frisbee games

fuck just lying on a chair to get roasted

funny to notice how NOBODY walks to the restroom to piss despite drinking in a beach chair for hours

they just get up from their tanning naps every 30 minutes or so to “cool off” (piss) in the water


Most folks find looking at the beauty of the ocean and listening to the waves relaxing.
Surfing or body boarding on a wave is simply fun!

I get not liking the Atlantic, but what about the crystal clear waters of Turks & Caicos or Grand Cayman?

Also pooping in the water isn’t just for the fish! Dropping a deuce and letting Neptune’s waves clean your a-hole is one of life’s great pleasures!

Le Shat


For sure.
Its a crazy good feeling

I heard @Cuttin_In hates the ocean

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I went to the Dominican Republic a month ago and got drunk on the beach. I went deep into the water to take a shit from all the all inclusive alcohol and food I had intaken.
Taking a shit in the ocean, surrounded by people wass so nice. I just closed my eyes and just let it rip. It felt so incognito, until I opened my eyes and came to the frightening realization that the water was clear, so all the water around me was brown.
Disgusted, hurriedly I swam away.
Noone noticed. All was well.

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Absolutely love to be there, getting there seems to be the problem for me.

Once we’re there its usually smooth sailing but I did drop this in another thread the other day:

@Inelegant_Discourse not sure you even heard this one yet…


This can be a problem up at the lake.
Random dogs comin on our dock.

Its not that often since we are in a private community, but some people let their dogs roam.
I dont know your dog and we got kids on the dock…sparta kick to dog. GTFO.

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Agreed but what do you do with people like @NakedYoga420 ? Nasty!

(Just kidding naked, thanks for feeding the fish, oh god please tell me you didnt eat any “fresh fish” after that deuce….?)

Poopin in the pacific ocean is ok.
The visibility is already bad and no one is around.

I dont poop in lakes.


Buzz’s Steakhouse!

That was the place. Really nice atmosphere and damn good food.

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Umm I could tell…