Do dreams mean anything?

I had one long dream last night, but I’ll only share the 2 important parts since trying to explain dreams makes you sound retarded.
1 – I was walking home from the gym and ran into a girl I know who’s married.  We talked for a minute and then were saying goodbye and quickly kissed on the mouth, then made out.  The key point here is that I felt really bad about it for her husband (who I am also friends with), the fact that I have a gf never even entered my mind and I never felt bad about cheating on her.  All of the guilt was felt for my buddy.
2 – As I continued on my way I was carrying an apple pie in my left hand.  As I stopped at a crosswalk I was stung by a bee on my right hand.  Soon after, I was getting stung on the back of my neck.  With my right hand was useless, I smashed the pie on the back of my neck to get the bee off.  Once my apple pie was smashed all over me and the sidewalk I screamed out as if my mother was just murdered right before my eyes.  My point?  I love apple pie and dreams are fucking retarded.
I had one deeply profound experience and the next sequence of events is borderline retarded.  Should I just shake it off?  Should I try to hook up with that chick?  Should I eat some apple pie?

What drugs did you take before bed?

Should I not have pie then?

Fuck. Phone Post 3.0

Sagiv Lapkin -

I think that dreams are basically what happens when your brain runs a "defrag".

What does sexual orientation have to do with this? Phone Post 3.0

Go take 2 melatonin before bed and see what kind of dreams you have then.

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