Do either of these look worked?

What would of been cool in that Franklin fight if the landing was just a ploy to latch onto the leg for a leglock instead of getting eating some of franklins punches

Didn't he end up getting a heel hook(?) on Rich after he...erm, collapsed like that?

Looked like a work to me.


 Look at both of Kenny`s feet get airborne while he was coming in on the GIF on the right.

His legs have a mind of there own...And they seem to clash with his brain

MMA is not a good sport if you cant walk forward all that well


thfunny.gif picture by TheDropper

His dangerous heelhooks from early UFC's are always mentioned by commentators.

wtf is ken shamrock doing?

Somebody must be paying him large to take dives like that.


left - YES, right - I am still fucking confused