do I have enough time to compete?

there are some fights happening at my gym in a month, and I kinda wanna compete, but not at 200 lbs (present weight).

Would want to get down to 180 lbs to fight. Also, haven't been training at all over the last little while besdies for weights, so I would need to sharpen up my skills, but I always stay pretty good in there.

Think there is enough time for me to get in proper shape by then, or fuck it and wait for the next one?

that's what I'm thinking

Just how would you propose to drop 20lbs in a month? Cut off an arm?

Most I've ever dropped in a month is 10lbs.

I would wait, take the weight off slowly and carefully. You could possibly get a serious injury if you were to fight while dehydrated or malnourished. Also how tall are you?

6 feet

20lbs in a month isn't that bad for a 200lber, but, no sense going to
180, unless you both sign for that, otherwise you'll be fighting at
cruiser. (190)

how many rounds is that? you can lose it, but you might not want to if its more than 4 rounds.