Do individual restaurants still deliver?

Or has that entire market moved over to Postmates/DoorDash/GrubHub/Uber Eats?

Like your typical pizza joint or Chinese carryout, do they still have a delivery kid beating a jalopy to death for tips for just that one store? Or is that all subbed out now?

I know I can probably just call a couple to find out, but I don’t eat that way anymore & it would be weird to ask & then hang up.

They are Still some that do in the Buffalo area.

Good question. I have lived in a rural area for 18 years so I haven’t expierenced delivery in a long time. A few months back I was traveling for work and couldn’t get a pizza delivered to my hotel except through an Uber eats type app. I assumed it was because places can’t find people to work but now you have me questioning that

I own a restaurant that only does takeout thank fuck. a friend of mine owns a franchise restaurant in town and says he is being forced to use skip the dishes as of july 1st. he’s been trying to push against it for two years but its coming down hard from corporate. there is nothing he can do. they currently employ two full time drivers that get paid a base wage plus tips. now that they are being forced to use STD he’s going to move them into the restaurant to keep them employed.

delivery services also suck because you cannot control them. getting blasted at the restaurant and want to shut off deliveries for a couple hours so the kitchen can catch up? sorry too bad. want to close the restaurant early? sorry, that’ll cost you money, its in the contract you have to be open. you sign on with these guys and you basically lose money and have to raise prices to make up the difference. at least thats what everyone I hear from in the industry has to say. you lose all leverage too. STD and the like go in to corporate meetings like pharmaceutical reps to doctors offices. and they are just as nefarious.

fuck them all. wanna really help a restaurant? pick up your food directly and pay cash.

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Yeah, I already have some strong opinions about the services themselves, but I’m mostly just asking if independents have abandoned the in-house delivery tradition.

Seems cheaper/less headache to just outsource your delivery options.

Well, as RJJH has already pointed out, there are plenty of new headaches from introducing intermediate third parties. From the consumer end, it’s generally less reliable, more expensive, & much slower.

Yeah I guess just on the surface. Seems better as you don’t have to maintain a fleet of your own cars, insurance, drivers etc.

But true, looks like tons of strings attached with these places.

good question , 5% maybe

very few

Every pizza place here (BC, Canada) still does their own delivery. The apps that are in use here are uber eats, skip the dishes, doordash. I assume all the chinese places still would (not sure though because I never order it).

Some of the major chains (dominos for example) invested very heavily in recent years in their delivery platform, so probably don’t want to abandon it for 30% fees and no control over their customer experience. In fact delivery use to be free then went to $2 now I think its $5, they are probably happy that these apps are out there because customers are now use to paying money for delivery so they can charge for it whereas before they had to deliver for free.

lol @ Hunan Hut maintaining fleets & insurance.

All that has always come out of some sucker teenager’s pocket.

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Yes, because insurance costs and liability is so huge now only large corporations like uber or doordash are allowed. Follow the money. Those sharks take 30% of SALES which should be criminal