Do Island DVDs work on PS2?

I'm considering ordering some, and wanted to check, because the
PS2 is my DVD player.

I have Chris Brennan's "Kimura and Keylocks" on a PS2 right now. I've never had a problem.

Yes, Island DVDs play everywhere.

Oh shit, here comes paul viele....

I have an old PS2 & my Brennan DVD won't play on it. It plays fine on my pioneer dvd player though.

From what I understand, a lot of things won't play on the older version of the PS2.

I bought my current PS2 about 4 or 5 months after it came out (March 2001?), and I have no problem playing the Island DVD-R's.

I bought my PS2 in June 2002 -- is that considered an old one?

If they don't play for some reason, will Island swap them for VHS?

ttt for Island.


Yes, if they dont play we will swap them for VHS.

Mike Yelsik
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Thanks Paylotas.
Does anyone know if my PS2 would be considered one of the old ones?

Mail sent


Dude, it would be easier to spend $50 and get a dvd player than send your stuff back and get the vhs.

I never had any problems with my DVD's from Island and my PS2 was bought early to mid 2002, so I would guess yours would be fine.