Do kids build forts anymore?

out in the woods? A cool club house?

No, but dogs do. Phone Post 3.0

No they build embassies and discuss peace amongst themselves Phone Post 3.0

mine 6 yr old does

loves it...were building a tree house at our cabin together....gonna be badass

There is no reason to build forts now that all the porn is online. Phone Post 3.0

There was a great fort thread on here last year. Bunch of guys went home and made forts. Phone Post 3.0

Mayfield - There is no reason to build forts now that all the porn is online. Phone Post 3.0
That's a sad but true statement!

My first exposure to Pron was in a sweet treehouse. I still get a boner when I watch Treehouse Masters! Phone Post 3.0

I dunno. It depends if they have woods nearby or not.

my kids build lean to shelters in th eback yard with tarps and blankets and sticks and rocks all the time

Mix6APlix -

Mother of GodWood! Phone Post 3.0

I lived in apartment buildings growing up so I had to settle with sofa forts as a kid.

Similar to this

There's a park with a couple of good sized bluffs right behind my house. The kids build all kinds of forts back there.

My girls build blanket/pillow forts all the time.

I grew up in a large provincial park. There was bush surrounding my house. I had all kinds of sweet forts.

My dog and I would pack some sandwiches and take a hand saw, axe, some nails and a ball of string. We'd be out all day working on forts. Some times I wonder if the super structures I built out in the woods might still be there.

That was 25-30 years ago. Phone Post 3.0

Not in the woods, but I built this bad boy about a month ago...,jKHWkO2,JWhFDLD,ZYkbFdZ#3

...and no, I don't have kids.

here's a couple pics from last summer when we started...dont have any newer ones here with me

this was my little cabin at the cabin when i was young

me and the old man build it one mamny awesome weekends sleeping out in it

how you get fired on your day off?

watchu tryna build a clubhouse?

I used to build them all the time with my friends. It's really a sad day for kiddom if they've stopped. Phone Post 3.0

In for hypoallergenic gluten free non discriminatory tree domicile Phone Post 3.0

Or old fashion porn fort Phone Post 3.0

I remember making 2 castle/forts with my sister in our basement, and we made them out of paper

those were the days, joyous fun using imaginations

I used to build forts all over the place when I was a kid. My dad ran a very high end cabinet shop, so I'd pick through the discard/scrap barrels and take everything that seemed useful. It wasn't until I'd actually worked in the shop and learned a bit about about wood that I realized that one of my forts was about 50% teak, with the rest mostly mahogany and babinga.

Pretty fucking classy if you ask me.