do kids still hang posters?

 when i was a kid i had posters all over my bedroom.  

do kids still hang posters?  

what was your on walls?  

here's a sampling of the jack-worthy art in my bedroom during the 80's.

(i still own the Hardaway and Spud posters,  rolled up in a cardboard tube & stored in Manoa.  prolly totally ruined by humidity)





Heather Thomas> Heather Locklear

everyone back then knew that. and yet, ever since melrose place. :(

I had the Farrah Fawcet in a one piece on my wall=)

I had a pic of Stacy Kamano when she was the poster girl for Steinlager. I heard she hooked up with former basketball star Reggie Miller.


I has this poster for a little while. 




I had the dogs playing pool, a glow in the dark Led Zeppelin velvet, a Snoop Dog poster, and a couple Ringside boxing posters Phone Post