Do M1 and One have Viacom $ behind them?

A lot people say Bellator can afford to fight the UFC for market share in the US and beyond because they are owned by Viacom so they can go in the red to say, establish themselves as the premier brand of MMA in Mexico, Canada etc...

I've always wondered, how much money is behind M1 and One?

M1 must be pretty well respected and supported in Russia for a President Putin to show up and watch fights with Fedor. How far do they want to take the show? Do they want to hold events throughout Europe and give the UFC a run for the European fan money down the line?

ONE takes shows all over Asia and features fighters from all the new markets they enter. How where they able to get to the Philippines before the UFC?

How was M1 able to host a show in Beijing before the UFC?

It is clear the UFC has 90% of the worlds top 200 fighters but Pride had 50% of the top 200 fighters at one point as well.

Look how fast UFC became huge in the US.

Could a show like ONE do that in China? Become as big in China as Pride was in Japan perhaps?

Could Bellator do that in Mexico if the UFC is to focused on global fucking domination and Bellator just tries to laser in on Mexico?

Even if the interest in the UFC has leveled of here in the states it seems the appetite for MMA is growing throughout the world.

It would be interesting to know how many people are viewing M1 and ONE and through what mediums.

Do they online ONE viewer numbers get released? Do people in Asia have to pay the 10 bucks or are shows shown on free TV?

How about M1, is it accessed on free TV throughout Russia?

I'm interested in seeing how far M1 and ONE can go.

If M1 is holding shows in a place like Beijing and they have a figure like Putin attend shows then it is clear that they are not trying to just be the KOTC of global MMA in the the long run.

In order to fight the UFC you will have to get into a bidding war for top 10 fighters. Yes it's possible to compete but it won't be cheap and it'll be a long time before they are profitable. Last thing Viacom wants is to explain to stock holders why they are losing millions every quarter on MMA. Viacom is happy putting on 1-2 shows a month that gets decent ratings with UFC rejects. It's the best biz model for them as a company. Phone Post 3.0

One has some major backing, and a great tv deal. The more big they get, the further they are from coming in the states.

They do so damn good in their part of the world that It's a waste trying to break in the scene down here


I'll try not to make anymore rambling threads while sleep deprived.