Do MMA fighters have "the warrior gene?"

I just finished watching an episode of National Geographic that focused on "the warrior gene."  For the uninitiated, the gene is a portion of DNA that make people innately violent.  The episode was hosted by former frontman to the punk rock band Black Flag, Henry Rollins. 

Rollins interviewed and tested several subjects including former two Mexican gang members, six bikers, five MMA fighters and three Buddhist monks.  Los Angeles based Legend's Gym's owner Chris Reilly and IFL/UFC vet Matt Horwich were among the five MMA fighters.


The DNA results were as follows:

- The two former Mexican gang members tested positive for the gene.

- Three of the six bikers tested positive.  Ironically the one everyone suspected to carry the gene who had horns tattooed on his head did not test positive.

- ALL five MMA fighters tested negative for the gene.  Reilly explained that it's probably for the better because losing your temper and control in a MMA fight would not bode well.

- ALL three Buddhist monks tested positive for the gene.

- Henry Rollins did not have the warrior gene.

Goes to show you that the human brain can control all your actions in a responsible manner.


 thanks for posting this--i actually fell asleep last night and didn't get to see the results...crazy fuckers in my family tree though....they gotta have them....

badr's definitely got it

wtf is a warrior gene???

I was really hoping Matt was the only fighter out of the 5 that had it.