Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Curious to hear from Top Men about what in the actual fuck this is about. Every time I have to log back in I see these messages about selling my personal information. The first banner only appears for a split second as I click through different topics on the forum. I have to be quick to tap it and then I get the second option to opt out.

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Anyone else see these? I’m on an iPhone.

I want my percentage.If you are going to fuck me at least kiss me.



Fuck Kirik, bear nazi, and the rest of their sheep.

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I’m seeing this again. No one else?


Ive never seen that but I don’t use the app. WTF?!

It means @J_Burgos has hacked your account. The only way to recover your account is to keep all of his posts at the top of the forum.

My personal information will not pay for @Kirik_Jr’s drug problem.


Companies collecting your personal information should be opt-in, period. Opt out is scummy spyware behavior.

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I’ll give you all you want top men.

Why should only big tech get all my info.

Then people get pissed about your local gym or the UG taking it lol.