Do Not Watch UFC with Girls

As a warning to all the heterosexual males of the forum do not ever watch a UFC with Girls!

I had one accuse me of being gay! I almost threw her ass through a second floor window.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

um no? where u like getting "excited" when they were fighting in the guard or something?

Every once in a while you'll encounter a broad who's got no idea what this sport is about, I've heard that crap before.
But the fact that I was masturbating probably didn't help any.

While on the subject. Never get caught by the mailman wacking one off while teletubbies is on tv, nothing good will come of it.

it was the Newton fight...wasn't it????

Yes. The same old stupid shit "two naked guys rolling
around" blah blah blah...SHUT UP!!! Then I omo plata'd her
ass and triangle choked her unconcious and stuck her in the
closet til the fights were over.

"it was the Newton fight...wasn't it????"


during the Newton fight I tried to jump up and block the screen but we were watching it on a goddamn 62' big screen.

And why the hell did the film crew feel the need to replay BJ Penn kissing Matt Hughes on the lips over and over again like three goddamn times!!!!

Seriously though I almost knocked the chick out cold.

Girls do find mma gay, even the ones who like watching mma.

Joe Rogan wearing Mascara didn't help at all!

LOL at this thread

My sister made one of those comments a few years ago, when she saw me look at her like I was fixin' to put her through a nearby brick wall she briskly departed the area.

None of my female friends think I am gay for watching mma. They watch it with us.

J Roc - now that i know who my mailman is... could you please try to close my mail box from now on! LMAO

LOl at Patterson!


yeah my sister thinks it's gay. I try to explain the technical side of it but she don't wanna hear that.

It's the best way to get her out of the room, though.


It's funny how the majority of women see MMA as being gay, a great number of men say the same thing about it.
Of course we are going to be mainstream one day arent we. Sure we are.

really? I've always found it easier to get non-martial artist girls than non-martial artist guys into watching mma. actually, I can't really think of any of my girl-friends who didn't like it.