Do people honestly think the problem with our education system is not enough money?


Thomas Sowell

If you are serious about wanting to improve education, do not vote more money for the education establishment that has been dumbing down the schools for years. Vote for vouchers, tax credits, or anything else that will transfer decision-making power to parents.


The obsession over “Diversity” (via race, skin color, in and of themselves) is the root cause of this mindset


No one has ever thought that.

No way you think that

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Not even gonna Google it, but today’s education funding is many multiples of past years and the results are no better…probably worse.

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Nobody in education seems to want to admit the truth:

Without parents that are engaged in their children’s education and upbringing, no amount of money spent on schools will help.


It’s also many multiples of the countries who are currently kicking our ass at educating children.

The USA spends more money, for shittier results, than any other country on the planet. At some point, we have to recognize that throwing more money at is definition of insanity … doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

It’s time to blow up the Department of Education, and to fund students rather than schools. Everyone gets vouchers, and schools have to compete for their funding.


That’s only part of it, and there isn’t a whole lot the government can do to make shitty parents care more. It’s outside their locus of control. What they can control is how the schools operate. Right now, the schools are incentivized to be diploma mills where everyone gets a trophy (diploma) regardless of whether they can read, do math, or even showed up for classes. That needs to end.

Stop catering to the dumbest students and accept that some kids just aren’t cut out for academics. Send the problem children to reform schools. Get them out of the classroom so that the kids who give a shit have a better learning environment. Then ship out the dumb/unmotivated but well-behaved ones to vocational schools to learn a trade. It makes no sense to put them on a college track where they will rack up massive debt and probably drop out in frustration before acquiring any marketable skills. Send them off to vocational schools where they can learn a trade and fill a massive national skills gap in the those industries. Then prepare the kids who remain for academics by RAISING the bar rather than constantly lowering it.

The Roman Empire fell because of diversity… What do you think’s happening now?

They do the complete opposite of this in the largest school districts in the country , NYC and SF

Imagine living in NYC, in a decent school district only to be forced to have your kid go to scool in a neighboring, lower performing (shittier) district so that kids from that bad district can go to class in your nicer district…because “Equity”

Force good students into shitty schools

And force shitty students into better schools

Basically force normal students to be around dumbass, criminal pathed students

Many honestly think this. And many know this isn’t the case but will cling on and point to anything and everything to avoid the elephant in the classroom

A few perfect examples. My local school board received an insane amount of grant money due to covid from the state. You would think this was a good thing. You would think with access to millions of dollars that are educators could make it feasible to give our kids a better education. Nope.

  • one school decided to drop $325k on renovations for their athletic fields. Let’s not get into the fact that the state basically cancelled all scholastic sports last year.

  • another school purchased 150 brand new ipads for student use. Awesome. Until they made the decision that all the additional apps and software they were using was too expensive to renew. So they asked for them back and they are currently sitting in storage.

  • one school went all out upgrading the teachers lounge. $85k dollars spent for teachers who last year were working from home!

  • free lunch and breakfast for every student regardless if they pack their lunch. They had to pre-order these already made insta-meals. Complete with nothing a kid would actually eat. Some schools were caught blatantly throwing away uneaten bag lunches. Their solution? Black bag all the uneaten lunches and hire a completely separate trash company to come collect the garbage every week.

So much waste and the list goes on and on.

The problem is kids dont want to interact with teachers who dont even want to be there. Its beyond frustrating.

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The government can stop rewarding bad behavior.

A society built on a foundation of nuclear families and personal responsibility is one that will produce successful children.

One built on a foundation of YOLO and ‘you do you’ celebrating laziness and degeneracy combined with an enabling welfare state produces what we have today.

The fix would be painful for many and would take a minimum of a generation, probably two.

No politician will EVER make that their platform.

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I don’t. Teaching is not a profession that I want it’s people money motivated. Just like cops and politicians. Do it to make a positive change or don’t do t. If money is so important, thenge a sales position.

My sister makes 80k and is off 3 months a year