Do people still think Aleks is a top MMA fighter?

Because he lost today in some no name organization against a kickboxer who is 4-5 in MMA

I don't think anybody ever thought that.

When people said (back in the day) that he would beat most of the UFC's top heavies, all they meant was that the UFC was shit at the upper weights.

I still hear people saying hes one of the best and just needs his shot in one of the big orgs, but that is clearly not the case. I hate how people assume hes the shit because hes Fedor's brother, hopefully this proves he is not.

Against who and what promotion? Phone Post

Peter Graham TKO (kicks) Draka 5

Not a bad kickboxer infact holds a win over Badr but that got avenged and he has lost to any other top kickboxer, but losing to a guy whos 4-5 in MMA in some no name organization is pretty bad.

Aussie Graham is a K1 veteran, who has wins over guys like Iggy, Hunt ,Greco and Badr. He's very legit on the feet, but has no ground game at all.

And Aleks thinks hes a boxer so...

He also weighed 275 lbs

blue please

It was "MMA" with limited time (30 seconds) on the ground... he lost in an org in another country against a guy you don't know so he must be garbage?He is what he is,anyone at any time could lose to a guy like that.

<blockquote>s98ronin - It was "MMA" with limited time (30 seconds) on the ground...</blockquote><br /><br /><br />With alek's level of Sambo thats all he should need on the ground against a kickboxer with no ground game.

ultimoplata - he lost in an org in another country against a guy you don't know so he must be garbage?He is what he is,anyone at any time could lose to a guy like that.

Not saying hes garbage just saying this should prove to everyone that hes not the world beater people think he is because hes Fedors brother. He has 1 notable win in MMA. He then goes on to lose fights like this from leg kicks.

 He is a very talented striker for his size. He had some great knockouts in Pride and Bushido. Don't know whats been going on with him since then really.

Peter Graham is a very respectable kickboxer

Darth BLAF - Fedor-lite was given a permanent top 10 ranking for years simply for sharing a womb with Fedor.

No more ridiculous than the handjobs who gave Alistair Overeem a top 10 ranking for putting on 40 lbs. of Vitamin S muscle and beating Badr Hari in kickboxing.

 He could have been a force in MMA but too much baggage in his career and it just didnt happen and probaby wont.

OveREEMed A New Butthole - 
VectorWega -  Aleks = wasted talent
Always hate when people say this,

No, it's not a wasted talent, it's the most potential of his talent in fact, having metal toughness and focus to train hard everyday is a talent.

Talent is both a physical and mental strength.

He reached his top potential, if his body can go further but his mind does not allow it, than that is his overall peak as a human.

Fedor's personality/attitude is probably his biggest talent.

Aleks looked out of shape. This was a bad loss for him

I'm no Aleks nuthugger, but I think he WOULD have beaten most of the UFC heavies back in 2005 or whenever his Pride hype was at its peak