Do psychedelics make you more smarter?

Hell no…though they may make you think you are. I knew many guys when I was in my 20s that took loads of acid. They are, each and everyone of them, slower and dumber than they once were by far.

sounds incredibly anecdotal and you have nothing to say about the studies the article sites. you uncouth judgmental heathen.

maybe it was the effect, not the cause.

Psychedelic agents in creative problem-solving experiment was a study designed to evaluate whether the use of a psychedelic substance with supportive setting can lead to improvement of performance in solving professional problems.

Trained professionals in academic fields were administered LSD and tasked with solving a problem that they had not been able to solve in normal consciousness.

Solutions obtained in the experiment include:
a new approach to the design of a vibratory microtome
a commercial building design, accepted by the client
space probe experiments devised to measure solar properties
design of a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device
engineering improvement to a magnetic tape recorder
a chair design, modeled and accepted by the manufacturer
a letterhead design, approved by the customer
a mathematical theorem regarding NOR gate circuits
completion of a furniture-line design
a new conceptual model of a photon, which was found useful
design of a private dwelling, approved by the client
insights regarding how to use interferometry in medical diagnosis application sensing heat distribution in the human bodyThe participants also reported following experiences of enhanced functioning: … capacity to restructure problem in larger context, enhanced fluency and flexibility of ideation, heightened capacity for visual imagery and fantasy, increased ability to concentrate, … subconscious data more accessible, association of dissimilar ideas, heightened motivation to obtain closure, visualizing the completed solution.

As I said much earlier in the thread, if you are innately intelligent, psychedelics will make you much more intelligent.

and these are effects that maintain AFTER the trip. this isn’t just insight that occurs while ur touching gods vagina, there is legitimate growth in your brains ability to transfer electricity. according to these studies.

I do ketamine and sometimes with believe I solve the the problems of atrophysics and the universe. It’s right there. But my brain cant get thee words out of my mouth. And then boom. It’s gone forever

Sometimes I think about Steven hawking

And how if it was any other time in history we would not have had his brilliance

Imagine if hawking was born 20 years earlier

He would not have been able to communicate

All that knowledge lost

Now how many other hawking have there been throughout time?

How many austic people have been as smart as hawking and not been able to convey their thoughts

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What exactly is he famous for?


Beethovens, Newtons, and Einsteins have occured like that mutiple times, and probably every generation. Sadly most of the time they never reach their potential and humanities collective misses out on them.

He’s an astrophysicist… one of the smartest guys to ever live. He was diagnosed with a form of ALS and he could t move or speak. The technology was just available for him to look at a keyboard and it would speak or write for him

20 years earlier and he can’t communicate

hawking radiation is the first thing i think of

He “discovered” it.

A lot of what we know about black holes are his theoretical physics work

“I do ketamine and sometimes with believe I solve the the problems of atrophysics and the universe. It’s right there. But my brain cant get thee words out of my mouth. And then boom. It’s gone forever.”

That’s really not the way it works. As in the experiment I shared above, it is the people schooled in the subject that are able to solve the problems after taking a psychedelic.

This is really mysticism 101. There is (1) knowing and (2) being. Unless you’ve been educated (1) then when your being (2) is elevated by a mystical state, you won’t be prepared to make heads of tails of what you are experiencing, especially in terms of problem-solving in a technical field.

OTOH, you can have insights about the world, but they will only be personal insights that are too general to represent a form of problem-solving unless you go to school to turn that creative intuitional knowledge into formal actionable precise knowledge.


psychedelic’s literally help build your dendrites and axons. this is past your stupid fucking hippy epiphanies.

hippy epiphanies?

i discussed a scientific experiment in which scientists were given psychedelics and solved scientific problems.

what are you on about?

Tried shrooms once in college, fucking dealer neighbor got his Apt door kicked in (because he stepped on some dudes white shoes at the club earlier), he fires a rifle through the ceiling sending a bunch of college girls screaming down the stairwell, and about 8 patrol cars respond. Me and my roommate spent the “trip” crawling around on the floor with all the lights out, peaking out the bottom row of the door blinds…imagining we’re gonna get some murders pinned on us if the cops know we’re there.

Didn’t feel more smarter the next day.