Do Single people have it the worst during Hollidays?

You gotta suffer the sadness and pain of going to family Thanksgiving and Xmas parties alone. Meanwhile everyone else at the party is partnered up. Then you go on social media and see more people partnered up with their wife and kids. Then you think to yourself where did I go wrong to end up alone. Your thoughts are why am I not good enough to have a beautiful wife and kids. Does that cross your mind or do you not care?

Grass is always greener.

Plenty of miserable married people, too.


That comes down to the individual. They could also saying God I’m glad I don’t have to do this shit day in and day out. I wanna leave now and I have no one saying let’s wait another hour.

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I hate holidays, I wish I could stay home today, but a lady who has been really kind to me has invited me to hers and I feel obligated to go.

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Single people don’t have to run to the grocery at 9fucking 30pm during key drunk party time to go get some fucking avocados.

Enjoy your day, singles. Go play GTA or something. It doesn’t sound bad.

Plus, most of you get invited somewhere. Go, eat, leave. Not too fucking shabby.

Edit to say happy.thanksgiving og crew. Single or w family, try to enjoy. I know some people on bad places. Be thankful we ain’t them! Serious. Tough world.sometimes.


Sounds like something a lonely faggort would say.


It’s the rest of the time that sucks as a single person.


Some of my best holidays were when I was single. I wouldn’t have to spend the day with in-laws I didn’t really care for and instead spend time with just my own family. This year, my wife & I are spending it with just us and our 3 month old and that is fine with me. We almost went to her brother’s, who I can’t say I really care for. I guess I’m saying to just enjoy spending time with they people you want to spend time with and be grateful.

I enjoy being single. I’m better suited to be on my own. It’s easy for me to live cheap and call all my own shots.

I hate having to compromise on anything. I’m not a good boyfriend. I accept that.

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I have celebrated Tripsgiving and Tripmas the past 5 years or so by doing psychedelics. Going to do 2c-b today and plan on tripping mushrooms on Christmas.

You should be celebrating your holidays in rehab druggie


How many people would love to get a Turkey sandwich, pumpkin pie and just watch the football games?
More than you think.
Having said that, it also nice to be with family as well. If they are normal and a TV is nearby.

I am married but the entire time I have been married and even before when I had long term partners and would bring them to family for holidays we would usually separate. The women go hang with the women and the men hang with the men more or less. Maybe you are together while you are eating but even that isn’t a given. So being single has like 0 impact on the social aspect of the holiday.

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