Do the Diaz brothers really smoke as much weed as they claim to?

“Half of the NBA is high during a game”.

Stoners got more excuses than a nukkah going to jail, man.

Who knows?
They also claim to be vegetarians despite eating meat.

Some high level trolling here

That’s according to Matt Barnes who played in the NBA for 14 years. Actually he says it’s closer to 80% and some athletes say it’s around 90%.

I believe they smoke as much as they claim they do. I recently quit smoking and smoked not only daily for like 20 years but ALL day most of the time when I wasnt at work. Didnt do much edibles just due to the delayed onset of effects so I mostly smoked for many years then when delivery services started up with wax/oils I moved on to that. There were days I’d go through a full gram of wax in one day but usually bought 2-3 grams of wax per week by the end. Would have done more but was tired of spending the money on it. But yea, all day every day. I wouldnt go anywhere w/o getting a little high first. Gotta run to the store real quick? Take a small dab. Gotta drive to the next town over? Take a bigger dab. Sitting at home doing yard work or watching tv/playing games? Get high as shit.

That said, the effects of the high were no longer what it was during the first few years. Long gone were the days of being giggly and going “omg this looks soooooo cool” during a video game or watching a movie.

Been off a few months now and really have no urge to go back to it. Sometimes I wish I had a hit here and there but its either all or nothing w/ me so I’d rather not even touch it.

It would not surprise me one bit if the Diaz brothers were wake n baking and then smoking/dabbing/vaping all day long until bed time. Shit, I’d even wake up to take a piss at night and then take a dab before going back to bed.

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Explain more about this “dabbing” you speak of…?

Is it healthier/safer than combustion methods? (vaporizers are insultingly expensive and apparently that ROA is less than a triumph)

You might feel like you’re proceeding to smoke meth but…

Healthier? I guess? I think thats the general consensus. I stopped doing bong hits of flower due to getting headaches from herb and moved on to dabbing concentrates. However I still had breathing issues (at times it’d hurt to take in deep breaths and towards the end I had to take smaller hits, still coughed and would still hock up disgusting loogies while in the shower.)

However, I I enjoyed the dabbing process more as it was one hit and done versus just sitting there smoking. Dabbing I could take a hit every couple of hours and retain a level of highness where if I was smoking from a bong or pipe, I’d have to continually smoke throughout the day to retain that “same” level. Dabbing definitely gets you higher with “less” but concentrates are more expensive.

I cant quite recall but I want to say that an 1/8 of good weed lasted me as long as a 1/2 gram of wax.

I tried vaping flower but never liked it. Didnt like the tasted and never wanted to spend the money on a big vaporizer. I had a handheld one and it just felt like more work than it was worth to keep working properly.

One difference with dabbing and using an herb bong is the hit itself. You can take a 2 foot bong, get a massive rip and hold it in forever and blow out little to no smoke. A dab, you dont really want to hold in more than a second or 2. Generally I would take my hit and immediately exhale. It just hurts to hold it in. Maybe back when I first started I would have been able to hold dabs in longer but from what I understand its unnecessary to even hold them in as it gets absorbed so quickly.