Do the dumbest people in world ask questions on Quora?

It’s rhetorical. The answer is obviously, yes. I don’t even know how I get these emails but they’re infuriating. Every topic you get just the worlds dumbest fucking questions. I don’t even understand how these people can even navigate the internet let alone ask a question from it.

“Is it true Russia ran completely out of weapons?”

“If a gun only fires in full auto, is it a machine gun?”

“My 16-year-old son has a full beard and won’t shave. What should I do? How do I get him to shave it off? Should I just do it myself while he’s asleep?”

I have never once responded to any of these nor do I understand how they got sent to me in the first place. Not my type of thing but holy fuck these people are retards.

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You receive emails because you have signed in before to read more answers to a question you asked.


“Should I listen to advice from the OG?”


This ends poorly for op. Or he’s fishing to be the next veegoh.

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Read the last line. Never signed up for it. Nor would I. Just not my thing.

How does this end up poorly for me? It’s not like I’m asking why are all the ad’s “Matbattle”

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The questions are, indeed, ‘special,’ but my favorite part is the answers.

Q: “My 16-year-old son has a full beard and won’t shave. What should I do? How do I get him to shave it off? Should I just do it myself while he’s asleep?”

A: "Well, it’s clear you don’t really understand the difference between a beard and a man’s right of passage to adulthood. As a former barber in the Marine Corps, I was assigned to Baghdad in 1997, that’s right, it was between the wars, I was both a barber, and a secret military spy. Much of the work I did centered around grooming the beards of young men and asking them simple questions to gleaning information to feed back to SecDef. The majority of the influence of the position was in making sure to literally shape the youth of Iraq by shaping their beards. With a pair of trimmers, I single handedly shaped the nation to be ready to take down Saddam in the coming years.

Here is a picture of me and the 531st, the ‘Trimmers.’ laying the beard-frastructure for the coalition to come in a few years later.


On the other end, there were Jihadi Muj that were told by their parents to shave their beards from an early age. Instead, they killed their family, raped their goats, and took to self mutilation until they could suicide vest a group of Americans. Here is Alllky Alli Alli Alkkky, a known terrorist with beard issues.

In short, let him keep his beard."


It’s just strange like there isn’t even normal dialogue in the answers. Everyone is trying to get up on a soap box to answer a question. I don’t know why this guy needed to go into his life story to tell this lady to leave her kid alone and let him have a beard. They are all like this. Doesn’t matter the topic.

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I answered a few questions about Bruce Lee and now any and all Bruce Lee questions pop up on my feed.