Do U Like Cottage Cheese and Muffin Tops?

I love them! I had both for breakfast this morning! Fresh made blue-berry muffins with RICH Kerry GOLD butter and a side of Cottage Cheese with Fruit! also a few pieces of Toblerone chocolates!

I bet the OG chocolate chaps got excited when they clicked this thread :grin:

Thought this was going to about your woman


^well it wasn’t me who made those muffins but I do enjoy them!

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I know the rules, PICS:

I love cottage cheese, but I can’t eat it with fruit or anything sweet, it ruins it for me. Fresh ground pepper, or everything bagel seasoning on top & eat.

I wouldn’t seek it out.
But hey, any port in a storm…
am I right…

Was expecting a SoulGravy thread


No. I’ll take a sandwich for breakfast any day over that shit. I hate breakfast food

Fuck. I have to add OP to my list of blocked faggot trolls now.


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That’s better

Google ‘Blue Waffle’ for a fine, healthy breakfast!

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