Do U see yourself ageing with BJJ?

I have been doing MMA och nowadays BJJ since 2000 and I am 30 today. I can easily see myself being "the old guy in the club" in 15 years, coming to train a day or two a week. Maybe even teach my kids some jits. Hopefully I wont still have my blue belt though..

Or does someone here see themselves quitting at a certain belt level or age? Maybe there is an "old guy" here who can share a story or two?

I'll tain as long as I'm alive, God willing.

what amsbjj said.

43...been training in MA's off and on for 21 years. I have stopped from time to time due to injuries and losing instructors and training locations.Plan on doing it until I physically cant do it anymore. I am the "Old Man" where I train...bunch of young punks, I love it when I make em tap :)

I'm ageing with bjj as we speak :)


I'm 49, been training for 5 years. Make sure to add variety to your routine as you age, less chance of overtraining or burnout that way. Don't neglect the weight training, add yoga or pilates, try other arts like FMA or MT or judo.

51 here, 6 years of BJJ. I'm easily the oldest guy at both places I train.

The day after advanced class I usually wake up feeling like I did thirty minutes sparring with a steamroller than with a bunch of guys ten to thirty years younger than me, but I'm usually OK by lunchtime.

I'm 39 and been training for 3+ years. Been in martial arts for 24 years and will keep at it as its my raison d'etre. There was a guy 55 yrs young at my club last year and last I heard he got his blue belt. Kicked ass in his division with no prior MA background. Don't see why I can't do the same when I'm there. Hopefully I won't be a blue belt then.

I see myself aging with BJJ (I'll be 40 in 2 weeks). I see it everytime I
roll with some 22 yo who has less experience than me but may have
played HS football and kicks my ass in a month or two of classes. I
also see it when I pull into my driveway after class and realise I'm
"creaky" getting out of the car. But then I see peers who are "creaky"
getting out of their cars everyday and I feel like I'm 18!!

I admit age has me cautious as hell when I roll.....takedowns? I'm the
flopmaster if you get a leg....might have that armbar? you do on me
cuz I'm tapping.

Good thing about seeing yourself aging regularly though is that you
are not suddenly shocked at it when you've been denying it for 10
years and suddenly look in the mirror and think "holy chit, I'm getting
old". I'll be 40 in 2 weeks and people I know are hitting midlife hard
and make a farce out of their life going through it.....leaving wives and
kids etc...and screwing themselves in the process but blind to it.

Barring injury ...knock, knock, knock... I'll be doing this for awhile.

Nothing makes me work out this hard or challenges me this much in a
relatively safe format. I went from MT to BJJ and the fun factor of BJJ
was so huge.

I've been training since '94 non-stop. I'm turning 38 next week and I've decided to take a 6 month sabattical from jiu jitsu and ride my mountain bike instead.

007 - do you normally ride your mountain bike on your off bjj days? If so, do you think it helps with your cardio?

Jspiceman, the cardio I get from tough cycling is unlike anything else, imo. The amount of pain and suffering from your legs and lungs is a real mind trip. It teaches you to blow past your perceived limits are and how to deal with utter fatigue. I think it transfers well to jiu jitsu, especially competition. Great for fat loss too.

I used to race mountain bikes at a fairly high level before I found BJJ.

I will train as long as I can. It has turned into more of a long term hobby than a set goal for me, however. I used to worry about moving up the belt ranks and now I just love being able to get on the mat 2 or 3 times a week.

The other day a guy from england came to our gim (blue belt). He was more or less 50 years old. And man, how strong and technical !! The best guy here in our school couldnt tap him! Awesome. It was a lesson for me.

What belt do you have, do you still train to develop your skills and acheive a higher belt. Do you compete?

I already did.

BJJ is a marathon not a sprint, i'm 24 and hope to train as long as my body will let me (and probably longer)

Young muhfu__as ... they kick my _ss for kicks. I don't care though ... I come to train and kicked my share of booty when I was young and dumb too!

what was the guy's name bandwidth?

I'm 30, but w/ almost a year away from steady training
I feel much older. I have 6 weeks to begin training full time again. Class, strength/cardio days, repetition days the whole bit.

The old injuries always come back so I'm giong to ease back into it with a 6-8 week goal for being back to a full schedule once I start back.

Say a prayer for me.