Do we have an ignore feature here?

I’m fine with this. Let em see. I don’t give a fuck lol.

So long as I don’t have to see their bullshit, I’m good.

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You’re my favorite gregorny. I would never.

Love you fuckface!

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Not you, asshoe. You’re still readable.

You lemur fuck. :))

Xenforo forums have it.

If they can’t see the ignored persons post when they’re logged in, how would they know when the ignored post was made to log out and view it?

The creators of Discourse have had much discussion around a block (two way ignore) feature. There’s a reason it doesn’t exist on any forum, ever.

If you put someone on ignore, does that mean you don’t see their threads as well?

No. Their threads still show, but you can mute that thread and then you won’t see it. Those two features, to me, are worth the loss of frames.

Having the option to ignore someone and then automatically not be able to see their threads would be a feature I’d gladly go pro for. Adblock works, and I can see tits for free plenty of places on the net, so tits and no ads aren’t really enticing features to go pro. I’d like to support this forum, but the amount of trolls and alt account shit stirrers put me off doing so. Being able to remove them with one click would be great.

Also, @Chris , is there a way to unmute a muted thread? Just on the off chance we’d like to revisit it for some reason

I was replying to “Chris” commentary about how signed-out snowflakes will be forced to endure suffering the view of their “ignored” antagonists :grin:

I wish it worked better. Like as if that user didn’t even exist. All it does is collapse their posts. I have someone on ignore and it doesn’t do much, unfortunately