Do Women Know When You Jacked To Them?

Do they know. Like a friends wife who is wearing a low cut top. You go home and jack to her. The relationship suddenly changes LOL. She becomes more reserved around you, stoic. In other words turning it down a bit.

Do they know? That is the question! Discuss.


They HAVE to know. They can feel eyes on them, I believe.


Surely they know. I can tell when a chick likes me. I don’t know why

No, but always imply it.


I would bet most women end up being weird around you after their first encounter. :slight_smile:


I had a customer last week who was flirting with me incessantly. I ignored most of it. She finally got to me with her story of how she was on all fours before I got there and I just missed it. Plus she from Chicago and got that nasally wa waa waaa accent. Mouth like a chain saw, never quits talking.

I had a moment of weakness and jacked thinking about her. I saw her a week later and that shit was shut off like a vice grip clamped down on it.

Did she metaphysically feel the jack through osmosis or quantam physics?

OG chicks feel free to chime in.


Nah, you’re probably just creepy as fuck.


In the one case, I never reciprocated with flirting or broke from protocol. I was tempted.

I broke my rules and flirted a bit with one customer, she was a fucking wildebeast, but she could talk shit. got dayum could she talk shit. She was saying shit like yeaaaaas oh yeeeah yes we friends now. Friends. shit like that.

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And we arent as slick as we think looking. Years ago a buddy at work walked into something and had a little cut directly between his eyes on the bridge of his nose. When i was talking to him i couldn’t help but look and he said “STOP LOOKING AT IT” i laughed and said “hey, just think of how obvious it is to women when you are talking to them and glance at their tits”

Yup, we arent as subtle as we like to believe


LOL at you and Braf. I get plenty of attention from woman. I am not a creep. I do look if they have big tits. LOL> If a woman wears a top or outfit that shows off their tits, I LOOK! It is obvious they want people to look at their tits. They need it. I am a people pleaser.


Not while I’m doing it, but it’s once they check their email in the morning, they know.


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yes it usually requires some type of comm.

But fuck they know.

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I had a customer who was damn near 80 years old. She constantly talked about how good of shape she was in. she was. her husband has cancer, he was a good man, but she has to take care of the farm now… blaaaah blaaah. She gave me a gatorade out of her garage fridge.

she texted me later saying something about the fridge was always full of gatorade. …

she has a nice farm with a shooting range.

I broke down and yup.

I hit her up when I was in the area a few weeks later. GOOOONNNNG. total cold shoulder fuuck.

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If you stare at their tits, they know they have you :rofl:


could it be that they initially had the fever? Then they got a good pounding that straightened them out?