Do Women Know When You Jacked To Them?

as long as I know… all that matters (starts jacking - you homos don’t know)

Honestly, it sounds more like you give of a creepy vibe.

Here’s my theory:
Women have two main social defense modes

  • being overly nice, smiling, specific head tilts, approving body language
  • ignore mode

There’s a kicker. They usually can’t switch on the fly between these two. If they need to switch, it’s usually a tirade/aggression. That’s the last resort.

So, seems to me they’ve decided that no.1 isn’t gonna cut it with you.
That’s not a critique, you might be simply a very domineering type. Whatever the case, they realised afterwards that they need to switch gears here.

I may need more from you.

I am old.

I did not bang.

You must be an ugly MF’er. They usually start flirting MORE with me.

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Screen name checks out…where do you go to get a cheesesteak. Say Wawa and you’re fucking dead to me!

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She probably noticed you staring at her titties all night. I doubt she knew in a telepathic way that seed was being wasted on the ground in her honor.

What I find annoying is when women have HUGE tits and you can’t ignore them or look like you are, but then they think pulling their unbuttoned button down third shirt is going to make those milk monsters less noticeable.

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WTF! You know the rules. Pics muthu fucka.

If your so hot!

yep. They need to have some undervisor glasses . With blinders under the frame . that protrude out.

Great protection from sexual harassment allegations in the corporate world. .

You get called in HR. They lay out the bullshit. You respond by telling them its bullshit. tell them you were wearing your teet blocking undervisor glasses and it is impossible that you ever looked at her tits or anything underneath her cheekbones. Then file a counter claim.

Oh she know that jack would occur later. Huge splashes of jizz all over her big tits in the old spank bank.

Drives them crazeeeee. Cant do shit about it.

You can just imagine her bitching about getting jacked to.

I liked Jim’s although I heard they had an electrical fire, none of that Wawa stuff…

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Did not claim to be “hot”, just not so ugly that women turn “stoic” and “turning it down” when they think I’m into them!





you ain’t got no alibi!

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Possible reasons for her looking like she shut down:

  1. She talked about you with her husband. He got jealous and told her not to flirt.
  2. She was chatting with you and testing the waters at the same time to gauge what you are like. She may have made some negative conclusion during the conversation but remained nice until you parted.
  3. She was just not in the mood when you saw her again. We all have to deal with lots of shit in our lives. Especially for women, some stupid shit like her not wearing makeup can affect her emotion greatly. Their feelings fluctuate, much more so than guys’.

My guess is 2), because similar things have happened to me. One of them was when I met this hottie in her 20s and she was very curious about and flirty with me on the day we met. We used to work together on the same project every week. I was very, very careful not to be creepy, but her attitude was exact the opposite when the project was over. It may have something to do with my age or some “advice” I gave her. Guys become preachy as they get older and most women don’t appreciate that.

So, I think what you experienced has nothing to do with your jacking.

Stop thinking about osmosis or quantum physics and fap away.

It’s called quantum phapping. Respect the science.

Long ago I had internal dialogues about this. What I did was rather ingenious really.
Talking to girls I wanted to smash, I would act mildly interested but keep topics off dates, romance etc. This kept them guessing.
Then I’d straight up tell them I couldn’t sleep one night cuz I was thinking about them and fapped to them/ pics.
Guys, if a girls already giving you fuck me vibes this typically works. Also if we hadn’t smashed in awhile ( like week or more ) I tell them I fap to them and my memory of smashing. This got me a green light for another meating or pushed away.
Rinse and repeat.

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The man was THIRSTY … x2

I am off the jack for two weeks.