Do you believe America is on its way down and out?

I quit watching the 24 hour news channels in 2015 because it made me so insane about Washington DC and politics in general . There is no good news. The only people that are having a good time are the far left. I see a greater divide amongst whites along political lines, blacks along racial lines, hispanics divided over illegal immigration and/or whether you are of Cuban heritage or Central America/Mexico. The reality is the mosts radical and violent are a small percent of Blacks who comprise 13 percent of the population.

America certainly has issues but they aren’t legal or something that can be legislated. If you are truly a racist, the govt can’t change your mind. I believe it is a cultural issue for 99 percent of whites who find they just cannot get into violent or hateful rap music and the very powerful rhetoric used that reverse racism cannot exist. All the years of building on multi culturalism has turned into SJW’s and a brazen disregard for any and all authority and social restraint.

I see it spread to all non whites except for Asian Americans. i believe that the concept of being American with shared views and commonality is gone.

I believe that people are intent on burning down the white mans ‘house’ not realizing that they live in the same house. America! people are not focusing on building their own personal lives and instead want to think that they are intimidating the majority of the population essentially as bullies, and they are doing just that!

I find myself withdrawing myself more and more from any social interaction just to avoid problems. I think America will end up in a place where there no more GOP presidents, little to no controls at borders and any bi partisanship to even come up with a budget.

On a personal level in the public, I think we went to a place where things were relatively quiet racially but that is gone. The hatred, once stirred, will not go away.

It is a grievous thing to watch.

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What the fuck is this…?

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This country may be losing this round, but as the American hero Rocky Balboa once said:
“I didn’t hear no bell”…

We will get off the mat and rise like a Fucking fire breathing phoenix.


I have a serious question out of curiosity, do you travel much? Specifically internationally?

I ask, because I think there are significant problems in the US, and the division across various lines is a serious concern, but I travel internationally a lot for work, and it helps me realize how well off America is. Most people I talk to that think we’re fucked, don’t understand how much worse other parts of the world can be, and how alike we are in the US. The left vs. right may fight over gun control, censorship online, etc., but I think people agree on ~80% of principles here. I’m curious your (and others) perspective if you feel this way.

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Also, talk to people man. I’m not a psychologist, but that OP reads like something you see from a mass shooter as a warning sign that was missed after he finally breaks and goes on a rampage. I’m not saying you are, but the world, especially the US isn’t nearly as bad as you seem to think it is. Don’t withdraw and shut down, I think that just leads to anger growing with no where to go and may consume you at some point.

Hope you’re alright.

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The racism and racial resentment is the worst it’s ever been and I was born in the 80’s. Leftism is toxic.
The oligarchy has successfully directed the public’s anger at their exploitation of us onto working class white ppl


America went parabolic, and now we’re in a full on cultural death rattle.


America is the greatest and richest country in the world. Foreigners love to try to up play the US problems. every country has been overran to an extent. Lately we’ve just see a lot of foreign influence from jealous nations.

China will soon be the worlds superpower. I think we are too far gone to ever get back to where we were.
When you have top level politicians supporting very violent, left wing riots, calling them “mostly peaceful “ and condemning anyone that actually call them a riot, that is insanity. You know that other countries are baffled by what they are seeing going on here. I could go on and on. I think in a few short years this is going to be a fucked up place to live.


Best get out while you can, mate.

yeah, people really need to be careful of consuming that RIGHT WING KoolAid and being PsyOped into a RwingNUT MASS SHOOTER

and yes, LeftWing LIBtardism Looters are a problem too but that’s another thread, this one is example of RwingNUTery!

I believe the west in general is on the way out. China and Russia are laughing their asses off at the collapse from within. The riots, and looting and and hatred of our own culture by the left is exactly what our adversaries want.


I don’t. I lived through the '60s, '70s, & '90s.

The short answer is “yes” and the short reason why is “greed”.

Sadly America is a beacon to the world of the endgame of capitalism run amok. Wealth buys power, power = influence, influence buys politicians and it’s the politicians who make the rules (laws, tax codes, etc.), and those rules are designed to make the wealthy even wealthier.

So the cycle continues until you have the wealthiest one percentile having a net worth higher than 80% of the country combined. And everything goes downhill from there.


Travel where? Rhodesia? South Africa? Bosnia? Weimar Germany?

The American standard of living is high, but its culture is in shambles, its sense of morality is nonexistent, and the whole thing is only getting worse. You can also throw in the greatest racial divide since the 70s, a free pass for certain people to commit crime without punishment, and the vilification of an entire group of people based solely on race. Never before in history have all those things come together with anything less than horrific results.


Philippines, Singapore, Japan, South Korean, England, Germany, Yes S.Africa. Do you prefer their cultures? Feel free to head there. Are they shit holes? No. Do they have the exact same rights, privileges, and culture we do? No - I prefer the US’s.


A pass for ‘certain’ people to commit crimes without punishment? Vilification of an entire group based on race. Never happened before? LoL What? That’s most of US history against minorities. And not just “Black” minorities, do you think the Irish, Italians, Native Americans, Chinese, etc. weren’t vilified and had crimes against them overlooked for significant portions of the US history by the ruling class (I’ll let you figure out if that was a certain demographic)?

The thing that makes America FUCKING GREAT is that we get better, we learn, we adapt, we strive for greatness…we’ve never gotten to perfection. To think that today is the most racially charged period in US history is fucking absurd or ignorant of Jim Crow, Internment Camps, the Trail of Tears, Chinese rail workers, etc . The last 20-30 years are the first time in American history where White men aren’t put on a pedestal and fuck-all goes to everyone else. Even today, White men STILL dominate the US economy, politics, corporations, military, etc., and yet some people still bitch, “oh woah is the plight of the White!” GTFO. We’re doing just fine, if a White guy isn’t succeeding today, it isn’t because he’s “White;” there is something else going on.

China will be a superpower, but people will still be trying like hell to get out of there and come to America.

I thought you were being foolishly optimistic. Now I realize you’re just foolish.