Do you believe in the Mandela Effect?


Tunes not Toons (meaning cartoons). Strange but “true”.

must be the Masons

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I think people just have bad memories.

I always thought Aunt Jemima had a red bandanna but it’s always been yellow. Freaked me out.

Also always thought it was Cup o Noodles not Cup Noodles.

But whatever. I blame it on bad memory

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It’s true. I think it’s an effect of logical assumption more than anything. Humans are naturally more skeptical of contradictions.


a) Movie lines get incorrectly repeated over and over to where people think that was the real dialogue


b) People are splitting off into alternate universes and time lines.

I’m going to go with a)

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I swear it was the Mandingo effect when I was growing up.


Ya the Mandingo effect really fucked some people.


Shake Head No GIF by Amazon Prime Video


It’s hilarious that Americans are so ignorant that they believe Mandela died in jail.

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Or did he?

Tunes is actually what I remember. The other popular examples get me though.

Apparently Hannibal never said “Hello, Clarice”

Was it the Bernstein or Bernstain bears

yea i never understood why people think this. maybe the theatrical release had this line, but he never says it.

the closest he comes is “well, clarice” when he calls her at the end of silence.

but now that im thinking about it, he may have said it to julianne moore & thats how people get confused

For a second I thought this was going to be a thread about the decline of African countries into a complete state of chaos, violence, famine and corruption after they were liberated.

Shew that was a close one

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Some people swear that Shew was actually Sheesh

That’s totally Kowpers

Mandela effect is an apt term. It’s based on perpetual ignorance of a subject no one really cares about. Who gives a shit if it toons or tunes? Unless you’re a copywriter then it makes little to no difference.
Also Mandela is an avowed communist, hes in the s African communist party and quite outspoken about it. People only hear how he went to jail fighting for equality. Ignorance at it’s best doing its worst.

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Darth Vader, “Luke, I’m your daddy.”

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