Do you bust on your girls face?

Well do you? Do you bust on your girl's face or mouth? Or does she get more respect than that? Phone Post 3.0

I bust on your girls face. Phone Post 3.0

I bust on her face out of respect cause My dad raised me to be a goddamn gentleman Phone Post 3.0

My mom is my best girl.

I bust where I want, when I want.

I ain't climbing that far. Plus, when it's time, it's coming. Phone Post 3.0

I busted in my mrs eye by accident the other day,I pulled out and my jizz hit a perfect ark landing directly in her eye in a big fat glob....I laughed so hard I feel off the bed. Phone Post 3.0

Some random skank? ALways try to hit the face. Hair especially.


My GF? sometimes on the grill, but only if im real into it and she wants it.

not yet...

Have never had a girl say no.

Cosby cookies ftw. Phone Post 3.0

Never on purpose but , often, when I pull out it shoots further than anticipated. I say "sorry" but never truly mean it! Haha Phone Post 3.0

nope always inside which ever hole my dick is in. girls are nasty, so i never tell them when im about to finish even if they ask me to.

only when she is not deserving of swallowing me

You guys pull out? Phone Post 3.0

I have finished 99.9% in my wife's snatch or down her throat. The other times have been on her large rack or on her ass. Phone Post 3.0

Never. I bust into the toilet like most married guts do. Phone Post 3.0

I sling that shit like Spider-Man.
Or monkey at the zoo.
Call me Jacksum Puldick
I want her to see the product of her hard work. I don't want to rob her of that sense of accomplishment Phone Post 3.0

Yup I do - she likes it that way. She's influenced by the sex in porn she watches when we used to do it. Why would you disrespect a girl who likes to do that? Pretty much a win win situation. Phone Post 3.0

Nah I usually come inside, but once in a while I'll leave a map of Hawaii on her back and ass.

JakeThaGr8 - PSH, I bust inside her tight, little puss. Phone Post 3.0
All day long. Leave the clean up to her and not on the bed. Phone Post 3.0