Do You Care?

Generally, are you an empathetic person?

When you hear someone is down on their luck, is your first thought about how that must feel, or do you think about what they might have done to deserve it? Do you believe that we are all a victim of our circumstances, or do our choices solely define the outcome of our lives?

Kind of depends. I don’t really care about all the social media sob stories, but if I hear about or know someone I know to be a good person and struggling, I want to help them if I can. I don’t care at all about people who I know or have watched make bad decision after bad decision and bring their problems on themselves.

I'm empathetic toward people who are empathetic toward people.

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I am sympathetic towards family, friends, kids up to mid teens, animals,  and certain vulnerable groups i.e. wounded vets or special needs kids. 

The average person, whose choices dictate their lot in life? No. Other countries as a whole? No. I'm pragmatic on big picture things. My feelings are like an on/off switch.

It depends on who it is your thinking about, and the way you feel at the time. Your own emotons will have a big bearng on this