Do you carry a gun to and from the gym?

That sumbish can get da boot just like his cousin. I’m like a coiled Cobra 24/7


And to answer OP’s question.

If I never go to the gym, I dont have to decide :sunglasses:

Unless you’re talking about these guns

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American faggots carry guns everywhere, no wonder youre getting dominated in the UFC you created.

No need to be sorry my man; no matter where one lives there are things you “deal with.” And let me say, i truly, truly appreciate thay you “just trying to understand.”

I’m guessing you never will, but props for “trying to understand.” Just like i will never understand NOT wanting to be able to protect myself at all times.

Willfully or foolishly you missed my point; if it can happen at a Christmas parade in waukesha, or an elementary school in Uvalde, TX, it can pretty much happen anywhere, no?

I’m in MA. Lock it in car if going to gym imo.

You could carry and put it in locker, legally acceptible if locked, but you have to pull it out to place in locker, that in itself is not a comfortable exchange. I have no doubt it’s different here. I’ve carried for 10 yrs now, get along well with our town pd, not that should have ever been an indication for licensing or not.

do live somewhere, where there is no humans or animals ?

I suppose it can happen anywhere based on your examples. Did someone carrying a gun, other than the offender, make a difference in the outcome of either situation?

That’s not that different… you don’t expect to need your gun at your home every single day, but if you do, you have it.

I am sure, however, that there would be plenty of assholes out there trying to “understand your need” for a firearm in the comfort of your home.

Most rational people that carry don’t expect to need their guns outside either… Bad stuff happens at unlikely places and times, regardless of what official statistics might say.


this. i’ve been in one situation, ever, where my weapon had to be unholstered. and i believe it saved someone’s life. i turned a street corner in a perfectly “safe” part of town and right in front of me two men were clubbing another man while he was unconscious. a woman involved had also been hit with some kind of weapon and was bleeding. they were all apparently homeless and most certainly had little to lose. i was basically right on top of them and didn’t have an option to avoid the situation, although i think i’d have tried to do something either way.

now what if that day transpired and i wasn’t carrying? let’s say even everything turned out “fine”, how much more risk should i have tolerated? how much more of my fate would i reasonably put in someone else’s hands?

i’m in my forties and i’ve been carrying since my 20’s. we’ll round it off to 20 years. 20 x 365 = ~7,300. so, in my data set, 7,300-1 odds. i intend to live as long as i can, so i can expect a couple more before i’m dead at that rate. i’d say that’s worth putting a 22oz carry pistol in my iwb holster every day and going about my business.

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Lol @ this story.

you saw some hobos fighting and stepped in? If I’m understanding correctly you didn’t even pull your piece?

And that makes carrying your gun for 20 years worth it? Bahaha. Almost killed some hobos for fighting. Sheesh

Couldn’t imagine where I’d be if I intervened on every drunk indigents fight.

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Somewhere better than here?

This is appropriated!

your flimsy and quite tired troll angle aside, you’re apparently not a great reader, either

You don’t get to choose when your life or your family’s lives are in danger from the dirtbags. The gun is always there just in case.

Never understood the “why have a gun” question on a martial arts site. Do you ask why anyone takes a self defense class? It’s been over 20 years since I was last in a fist fight. But I still train… sometimes.

Hell, I lift weights and most days I don’t have to pick up and move a couch. But I still lift.

Carry a gun for much the same reason. Just being prepared for an unlikely event. And I might even enjoy shooting as a hobby or collecting guns and gear.

If we’re talking useful skills, learning ballroom dance was way higher return than any martial art. So was learning to carry a tune and be able to sing a song at karaoke night. But I’m sure people learn to skate board just because one day they might have to navigate a half pipe to save their lives. No one ever seems to ask this question about any other hobby of limited utility.

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JFC the US is truly one of the worst countries on earth.

All these morons running around with guns.


Get this. In Europe and Canada we’re not allowed to carry guns and thus next to nobody shoots each other.

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Learning to shoot can very easily put food on your table. That’s far from limited utility.

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armed roberries?

It can be as simple as a question of faith

A man should not step one foot
forth in the field without weapons.
One cannot know, when on the road,
when he will need his spear.
(Havamal, Stanza 38)