Do You COMPETE..????

and if you, in what?my main question is in the sport or game you are good at, have you ever went up against someone or another team that is just levels beyond where you are..they are so good that you know in your heart of hearts that no matter how much training or practice you put in, this team or guy will still beat you by a large margin..if so, what do you do then?

what sport do you compete in or game, could be a board game or videogame even and who is this person or team..could be a rivalry from when you were a kid or from the present..

for me, it was little league all stars..our team was always the best in our little local league, we played 3-4 neighboring towns and usually came in first place..then after the season is over, we had the all star tournament..well, it didnt matter which year or how good our team was, we would get 10 run ruled by any team we played in these tournaments..we would put our best pitcher in and still would get toasted like 14-1 or worse..this happened year after year and im not sure if they ever tried to fix this problem but i just eventually stopped going as there was no point..its very hard to accept it that there are people out there that are just levels better than you if you are a die-hard competitor...

lets hear it OGers...i wanna hear some stories..

I play 35 and over baseball, there's a pitcher I face every year that I still get butterflies when facing. He k'd me twice last season, my only strikeouts in the regular season. I was 3rd best in the league at batting (.514 I think). I know I can hit him but he has my number.
I fish bass tournaments too, when I see this one guy is there I'm just hoping to win some money because I know he's better than me. Phone Post 3.0

I won and intra school bjj tourney last year. I seperated an instructor's shoulder sadly. Phone Post 3.0