Do you dance?!

Not big on clubs in my 30's...

But guys actually "go dancing?!"...or is that beta? Phone Post 3.0

Lindy-hopped for years....great fun...great way to meet women and great ol' swing jazz music.

Learning to dance will improve your life way more that a few pyjama wrestling lessons.

Usually when I'm tipsy, chicks hit on you big time when you hit the dance floor Phone Post 3.0

Davy Crockett - Usually when I'm tipsy, chicks hit on you big time when you hit the dance floor Phone Post 3.0
...some of the biggest whales I ever met were due to this logic Phone Post 3.0

Does the Macarena count?
If so, then FUCK YEAH I DO!! Phone Post 3.0

Vitor29 - Only a beta Faggot is afraid to dance. Phone Post 3.0
Don't be scurd homie Phone Post 3.0

Someone post a pic or gif of a guy dancing that does NOT look homo. Seriously. Phone Post 3.0

I'm a man, so no Phone Post 3.0

I only dance with women, never by myself, unless I'm in the bathroom.

You guys not dancing is the reason why black guys are fucking your wives. Phone Post 3.0

I used to go out, rave, club, etc..

Now I just dance in my basement by myself.... since I have no friends anymore...

I only dance at weddings and such now. I've only been to "dance clubs" a few times in the past decade and I didn't want anything to do with the dance floor or the people on it.

Every now and then I'll poke fun at my old break dancing super groovy days at a party, but that's not really me…. that's the booze.

I love to dance.... Not ashamed to admit it..... Been told lots of times I'm a good dancer...... But that could just be people encouraging me to make a fool of myself!!! Phone Post 3.0

Used to be able to move pretty good.  Chicks dug it.


My going out to a club, getting wasted and dancing it up with chicks days are well behind me though.

Dancing is a great way to meet chicks only if you CAN dance.

I used to pull mad chicks because of how I dance...but I'm smooth, though. lol

I am the dickhead.