Do you eat lemons?

Fruit is large part of my diet. Some form of fruit is almost always my breakfast.

Most people around me like it too, but not many eat lemons. I love a good sour lemon. Maybe put a little salt on it sometimes.

How about you guys? Do you eat lemons too, or am I just a weirdo?

I only put them in iced tea for the most part. Never thought of eating them. I knew people who put salt on them and sucked on them in the loudest manner possible.


I put lemon on my seafood, does that count?

You mean like the same way you’d eat an orange?  No.  Da fuq wrong with you?

Yes, like eating an orange. I also put lemon on seafood and in my tea.

The only problem is they can have a lot of seeds.

Yes, they're delicious. 

ksacs revenge - 

Yes, they're delicious. 

Yes they are!

My 7 year old likes to eat lemons. He's a fan of sour stuff. 

I only use it to squeeze on stuff. My dog however fucking loves lemons. He jumps up and grabs them and eats them. Its very weird.

I've never witnessed an animal eating sour stuff. Does he eat the peel and all?

In cocktails, all the time as a juice.

jbbarne - I've never witnessed an animal eating sour stuff. Does he eat the peel and all?

Eats the whole thing. Plays with it for a while then eats it. I'll try to get video at some point

I do love me some lemon Starbursts...

VectorWega -

I love them in my water.

We would get along in real life. I’m in SoCal and get buckets of lemons from the boss.  I put them in my water, on most seafood, and occasionally punish myself and suck on one. It’ll clean your mouth out real quick. 


I don’t eat them though, just bite a quarter of one every once in a while. 

Lime or lemon squeeze in a fresh fruit salad with trechas a little goya. Cheap beer. You'll nut.

Sometimes I get my old friends together for a lemon party. Epic! 

Bam57Bam - 

I do love me some lemon Starbursts...

Cherry or fuck your mother... j/p

I actually really enjoy lemons. But not so much their artificial flavors.

Say goodbye to your tooth enamel. 

Just your mom's.

After a good workout if I know I am going to be sore I eat a whole lime. It helps a lot with recovery