Do You Edit Store-bought Music?

I've found myself editing some of the music I buy after I rip the original CD.

For example, on Disturbed's "Down With the System" I cut out the annoying part where he's screaming at his mother.

On my Rob Zombie albums I remove the short "songs" that are just horror movie talking and stuff. I also cut that stuff out of the beginning of some of his songs.

On "Lunatic Fringe" I cut out most of the intro.

LOL. Cut out the shitty parts and make it a good song, never thought of that.

Sometimes I'll chop a section of a song and loop it to play over or learn, but thats about it.

What do you do with the ripped cds?

My music life is 100% CD-free. I only listen to mp3's. I use WinAmp on my computer. I use an iPod in the car, on the go and with the home theater. I also plug it in to wireless speakers in the kitchen and on the outside deck. Once I rip a disk, it goes into a closet.

But you could just burn them back to CD if you wanted to.

What program do u use to edit them?

From simple trimming I use CoolEdit 2000. For cutting stuff out of the middle I use Acid Pro.

Is it safe for me to assume that you're just insulting my tastes and don't really want me to answer that?

In case I'm wrong...

I do like them (duh?). There are just a few parts I don't like.

editing lunatic frindge is just WRONG.