Do you feel like you hit a plateau

Am I the only one who feel as if I hit a plateau in my training progress. It seems like, after 2 years of training I improved so much but then, a few more years after that and I havent really gotten much better. If you understand what i'm talking about, would you mine sharing your own experience on how you broke away from that hole.

I think the worst time (and the part with the largest percentage of turnover), is the 1 year to 2 year bit. That's where I've had the most plateaus. It's when you know a fair bit, and think you should be doing better than you are, but some of the more experienced people can take it to you. It's at that time I focussed on relaxing and ALWAYS trying something else like hooks in, or half-guard etc. That's how to keep your game evolving and fresh IMO.


i know exactly how you feel man!
especially lately things are just feeling like going through the know same moves same training

i ordrered some tapes and will take some time off
maybe go to another school and roll with some new guys
just to break the monotony [spelling?].

I've always sucked.

very common, don't worry, happened to me a few times, the cure: go to a seminar, try something new, train with some new people, get a differant view of grappling from some people you don't normally train with, they may have some moves or ways of doing things that are new to you and can help develop your game.

Thanx guys, definitely need to train with different people or try different clubs.