Do you find yourself kind of liking Jake Paul?

The kid’s a douche at times but he’s honest about it and he’s kind of humble at the end, saying he doesn’t mean to offend and it’s just build up. I hate to admit it, but I don’t mind him as much after he more or less admitted he’s not as good as he thought he was. Fuck, am I a faggot now?


Nah he’s winning a lot of people over. He’s good at selling a fight and he’s a bit of a punk but he’s not hard to like. He’s taking the sport serious and he’s pretty tough. The trash talk is clearly not serious he’s just a talker.


Jake would be on rough n rowdy making 200k a fight if he wasn’t running his mouth. If you take that shit serious you’re a clown.


I don’t like him, but I’m going to keep watching until someone knocks his head off. It’s kind of like that dunk the clown game.



The guy’s a player and I’m not a playa hater. Good for him.


he lives in MMA fans heads rent free


Actually, he charges.

I like him more than Conor.


I think that you might have been a faggot before liking Jake Paul.


Damn. Sad face.

He’s exploited a niche market and making coin. I saw him in an interview with Chael a few months back, came across well. I’ve never hated someone I’ve never met to be honest. Waste of energy.

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Yup good post. I don’t mind people getting paid and he seems to be taking training seriously. I’m not his target audience so I can’t understand his appeal at all, but he’s making a killing off of millions of others!

I was annoyed by him when he fought Ben Askren but he’s grown on me.

How angry people get over his success is quite entertaining

Jealousy is a helluva thing. Look at Khabib 29-0 never lost a round. He got more haters with more wins. Legends never die

Jake Paul has won me a total of $930 this year. I love this guy. Team Paul till I die


Paul said he doesn’t mean to offend anyone? Did he say that after the fight last night? If so, it’s never good for a fighter to straight out admit that the pre-fight talk was solely due to hype it up. Granted most of us know that but we generally want to believe this guy is a punk or cocky asshole that talks shit and that needs to be humbled …

I like the Paul brothers. They are young and doing very well for themselves so props to them. I honestly don’t get why people would dislike them … Jake is what 24 years old do do you expect him to act like an intelligent and rational adult?!

Haters hate