Do you get naked to take a dump?

I just realized when I'm at home I get naked when I take a dump. The freedom of nothing constricting is glorious. Let it slide!

You take your clothes off, you gotta put them back on. That's too much work. Fuck that noise. 

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Yes! And hop a shower right afterwards

Good thread.

I do. Always have. If I don't I don't feel like iv gotten it all out 

I stick an old toilet paper roll up my ass so that the poo doesnt touch the sides = no wiping.

I prefer to, yes.

Also we have rules here OP

I'm taking a dump right now, fully clothed.

How am I supposed to shit my pants if I'm not wearing them?

no, I'm normal.

Skeevs me the hell out, like shitting naked. 


-Bloodhound Gang. 


For well over a decade I wouldn't shit in a public restroom.

When my butt's uncovered, I'm considered naked.

yes i do.  tried without taking socks off and my starfish just can't relax as well.

ShanTheMan - I prefer to, yes.

Also we have rules here OP
Ah yes it was a long, massive 2 footer no pic but it was glorious!

^Damn, how'd that sneak into the drain?

iwatchsomemma -

^Damn, how'd that sneak into the drain?

I had to buy a snake I've been producing some toilet cloggers lately. It feels good to have my extreme constipation somewhat under control.

this is the pooping equivalent of pulling your pants down to your ankles to piss

Too much work for my lazy ass.