Do you get NERVOUS about calling out of WORK?

I’m sick right now and I’ve messaged my bosses about taking off to see a dr tomorrow and they still haven’t responded. My anxiety is through the roof right now. Isn’t it messed up to be so stressed out over something like this. I been working for them 6 months and never once asked for a day off. 

I do. I took a lot of time off work last year and I felt awful having to call in.

Not at all.

We get sick days but I hardly use them because i hate calling in.

Yeah. Ive called out MAYBE 10 in the last 10 years. Every time I felt bad especially at jobs that had to find a replacement if I wasn't there.


my new boss is cool as fuck though and tells me to call out when I don't feel like coming in.  

No since I always do it legitimatly and my boss knows it.

I get pissed when sick people don't call in and spread their plague around the workplace

Just relax. Everyone gets sick and they understand 

Why are you nervous when your sick and have never called in before?

No because I'm sick when I do

I used to but they usually encourage it. Tried coming back a few times last time I was sick and bosses talked me into going home.

long as there are still signs I was stick when I return to work, I'm fine...

Only when I lie 

Yes. Specially that michigan doesnt require places of work to have paid sick days. My work docks you pay even though we’re salary lol. 

I went to work sick one day as I have done in the past. Even went to the in plant nurse when I got there. I had had not been feeling good for a week and saw my doc just a few days earlier. When I was at work I passed out leaning against a cabinet and was accused of sleeping on the job and almost fired. Got a demotion and pay cut. They didnt care about medical issues and it was my responsibility to take off work. I had worked for this company for over 30 years with no real issues.

When I was younger and in Hawaii I used to time my sickness to incoming swells. About 2-3 days before the surf I'd start to get a cough and running nose (I have bad allergies so I just stop taking my allergy pill) then the day before the surf I'd play it up with body aches and "hang in as long as I could" and the manager would send me home. Id stop at my Dr's office and he'd give me some abx that clears me up within 12 hours but give me a note for the next 2 days off.

Worked every time but I only did it when the surf and winds were perfect and the crowds would be minimum.

When I was really sick I still went in and they had to send me home.

I never ask. Just tell them I need to take sick day. And I never offer a reason why. That's between you and your doctor.

Don't go around spreading your disease to everyone.

Not really.  We get enough sick and vacation days that it's not a big deal.

I don't like to call in, I have always had pride in being able to answer the bell, but you have to know when not to push to hard, or when no one wants you around while your sick

nope. Never.